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Using just 5 of those 22 rosettes from my last post, I put together one more sweet spring wreath.  This time I added a little bit of ruffle for some texture and made the fabric covering the wreath form a little more lively.
Having already made the rosettes, this wreath came together super fast.  It looks so sweet hanging in my window.  I added some doo-dads I had around and a few stitched leaves to add some balance to the flowers.
And I am happy to report that the weather is finally matching my spring decor. Yay!
Any fun spring decor you want to share? Leave me a link…I’d love to share your links on facebook!
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a bowl full of rosettes {tutorial}

After getting email after email about my rosettes from THIS wreath, I decided that this tutorial was a long time coming:
Here is what I use to do my rosettes:
Strips of fabric ranging from 2-5 inches wide and 20-36 inches long (both of these depend how thick and big you want your rosette!
hot glue
felt circles (I like using smaller 3/4″-1″ circles)
That is all you need. Let ‘s get started.
1-Knot up one end of each of your strips. 2-glue it to the center of your felt circle 3-place a strip of hot glue at the bottom of the felt, but next to the fabric. 4-wrap fabric over the glue and press your finger gently on the glue to make sure it sticks. As you press the strip to the glue, simply twist the fabric over one time. (a lot of rolled flower tutorials have you twist and twist as you glue, but I like the fuller, more layered look on the flowers, so I simply twist the fabric one time each time I glue. Play with it and see which you like better.

5-This shows the twist a little better. 6-THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT IMAGE TO SHOW MY STYLE OF ROSETTE.  Why, you ask? Simply so you can see how I hold and manipulate my strip. Each side of the strip is folded into the center so it is wide and thin..versus the usual thick and round strip from twisting over and over. 7- after you put some glue down..take your strip and pull it around the flower, then remember your simple fold over..then glue..strip around the flower and twist over…over and over.. 8-You can make all of the twists at the same place or stagger them for a more layered look

9-This shows the correct placing of the hot don’t want it too high or it will squirt through the top and you will have a goopy mess..or worse..see glue on top!:) 10-And here is your finished rosette. This one I lined the twists up. 11- White rosette I staggered the twists more.. 12- Just wanted to show you that you don’t just have to use large pieces of is a shirt cut up..see the snap!:)
Keep going and you will soon have:

I promise, the more you practice the faster you get. I rolled all 22 of these rosettes in just over one hour!  Can’t wait to show you what I am doing with them.:)
and to end on a fun excited to be going here this weekend:

I will certainly feel like a small fish in a big pond, but SO excited to finally meet some of my favorite bloggers!

All About Easter…

I love Easter. My kids love Easter. I love everything about it. Making dresses and ties, making Easter baskets, Easter decorations, hearing my kids sing Easter songs, teaching them about the true meaning of Easter.  I especially love them trying to figure out how the Easter bunny leaves a trail of m&m’s every year as he leaves the house. They have come up with some pretty funny explanations as to how the Easter bunny does what he does, but all of this adds up to ONE FUN HOLIDAY!  And this year I am even MORE excited…
Why, you ask?  Because this year I have 16 SUPER fun and talented blogs coming to share a fun project with you.  Some of these blogs are really big and popular…some are just starting out..but all will be super inspiring..that I am sure!  There will be sewing, crafts, decor, and even free printables!  In addition to the fun guests, I will be having 2 sponsored giveaways every week with 4-5 different etsy shops in each giveaway,  gifting you some fun things for your Easter baskets!
Sound like fun?! 
I thought I’d start this week out with a fun spring-y giveaway.  
  I have made up 3 different buttons to pass the word around about “All about Easter”…with a little prize attached! 
Each time you:
*place a button on your blog
*tweet about the event
*post on facebook about the event
*post about the event on your blog
YOU get an entry to win one of these: (minus the watermark!)
That is 4 total entries you can have!  Comment for each separate thing you do..I have two 18″x24″ prints done in this fun yellow. It would be perfect for spring decor or a childs room, etc…and are valued at $35 a piece.  There will be two winners randomly chosen on Sunday evening, April 3rd.  I SO appreciate your help in getting this fun event out and about!
Choose from any of these buttons to place on your blog:

blog button finalblog button final blog button final 
You can get the codes for these buttons in the upper right hand corner of my blog.  Thank you so much!
What are you excited about with Easter up and coming?

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