one more.

Using just 5 of those 22 rosettes from my last post, I put together one more sweet spring wreath.  This time I added a little bit of ruffle for some texture and made the fabric covering the wreath form a little more lively.Having already made the rosettes, this wreath came together super fast.  It looks so sweet hanging in my window.  I added some doo-dads I had around and a few … [Read more...]

a bowl full of rosettes {tutorial}

After getting email after email about my rosettes from THIS wreath, I decided that this tutorial was a long time coming:Here is what I use to do my rosettes:Strips of fabric ranging from 2-5 inches wide and 20-36 inches long (both of these depend how thick and big you want your rosette!hot glueandfelt circles (I like using smaller 3/4"-1" circles)That is all you need. Let 's get … [Read more...]

All About Easter…

I love Easter. My kids love Easter. I love everything about it. Making dresses and ties, making Easter baskets, Easter decorations, hearing my kids sing Easter songs, teaching them about the true meaning of Easter.  I especially love them trying to figure out how the Easter bunny leaves a trail of m&m's every year as he leaves the house. They have come up with some pretty funny … [Read more...]

a gift for her.

This is it..last baby post..for at least awhile!:)  I loved putting together this sweet little gift for a sweet angel ready to make her debut soon!  I'm all about baby girls in bright, happy colors..because to be quite honest..that's how girls come out, right?! A few details:   (Clockwise from top left) 1-The growth cards were wrapped in girly fashion. 2-One of the outfits..I … [Read more...]

the last piece…and a sneak peek.

After getting to the baby shower last night and giving my friend her gift I had an "uh-oh" moment. I had forgotten to put something I made her in the present. Whoops!:)But it did allow me to get a sweet picture of it today.  Here it is..I make ties for my boys a lot, but I had the idea to embroider on them awhile ago, and this is the first chance I had to try it out. I LOVE IT!  It … [Read more...]