Note to self..keep it simple!

Okay, I admit it. I tend not to keep projects simple in my life. THERE I said it. There are few projects that I stop at the right point. Sure sometimes over the top is perfect and cute, but a lot of times sweet and simple are even better.Case in point...A few years ago, I decided to make 4th of July T-shirts for my kids.  I cut out an outline of the US and then stitched the words "happy … [Read more...]


I cannot thank everyone enough for all of their questions and comments for this giveaway. I am getting a list compiled and cannot wait to get those questions answered.  Every once in awhile on the blog, I will also take some days to answer questions you may if you have any more, feel free to leave them...and I will add them to the list!The winner of the ultra big giveaway is:who … [Read more...]

dress a cupcake in 3 ways {free download}

One of the easiest party foods ever to make are cupcakes..which make them a perfect little treat for the 4th of July.  The thing I love about cupcakes is that you can dress them up or down as much as you would like! I had a good time playing around while putting these together...enjoy! 1-make cupcakes in a jar For mine, I simply cut 2 cupcakes in half, loaded frosting in between each … [Read more...]

4th of July Project Favs..

Here are a few of my favorites I have seen around the web for the upcoming holiday.  Enjoy:1-Get those toilet paper rolls out and get your kids a crafting! 2.Fun printables for a sparklers display. 3.LOVE this wreath. 4. cute,simple and looks delish! 5. How fun is this pie?!6.Love all the "sweet" ideas. 7. LOVE this print...but then who doesn't LOVE eighteen25?!8. I … [Read more...]

Happy Canada Day! {Free Download}

Did you know...That I spent 18 months in Alberta, Canada serving a mission for my church?! It was an incredible time filled with experiences I will never forget, but one of the best things I came home with was a great love for the Canadian people and for their country.  July 1st is Canada Day and I thought they all deserved a little love as well to help them celebrate their day of … [Read more...]