The Yellow Box finale.

Thank you all so much for playing along with me all week long. I know by now you are either super exhilarated by the color yellow or totally sick of it!!!  Mostly, I hope this week helped you think "outside" the box when thinking of sending a care package (in any form) to a friend or family member.  I actually loved working within a color truly opened my eyes to a lot of … [Read more...]

You Are My Sunshine {free download}

So are you totally tired of all the free downloads yet?! I hope not...I have one more for you today before we finish up our Yellow Box week!Last night I fell asleep early. I usually have my posts done for the next day when I go to bed, but sleep felt much better last night.  When I woke up..I had this idea in my head and it wouldn't go instead of the other post I was going to do, I … [Read more...]

Some "mini" inspiration. {Limited Download}

One of my favorite gifts to give someone are little inspirational prints. I obviously love to make them :), but I really do think words can have such a powerful effect upon how we think about and see life.  Today I took two very simple quotes and designed two very simple prints. But I love their words..and hope you do too. Find someone who needs a little lift and give them a little … [Read more...]

Yellow Pillow Boxes {Free Download}

When I think about giving a gift, one of my favorite parts by far is figuring out how to wrap it up!  I love getting sweet boxes or making them out of fun patterned paper. For some of my smaller items this week for Yellow Box Week, I will be putting them in these sweet pillow boxes:The thing I love about embellishing is that you can make each box completely different, even though you started … [Read more...]

The Yellow Box Handmade Flower

Welcome back for Yellow Box week. I am so excited to get the box together this week and get it sent off...are you going to play along?  So what is The Yellow Box, you may ask?A few years ago (read 2004) I was reading my new Martha Stewart Living..and came across this idea:A baby shower in a box around a theme:She showed a color themed box and a hometown box (everything is from or reminds them … [Read more...]