The Yellow Box finale.

Thank you all so much for playing along with me all week long. I know by now you are either super exhilarated by the color yellow or totally sick of it!!!  Mostly, I hope this week helped you think “outside” the box when thinking of sending a care package (in any form) to a friend or family member.  I actually loved working within a color theme….it truly opened my eyes to a lot of things I wouldn’t have seen otherwise!
To finish off the week, I wanted to show you a few fun items I found to send off in the yellow box:

You can see how diverse and random the things are…one of my best friends EVER is the queen at giving the BEST random gifts. I love getting gifts from her.
And a few of the things you have seen around here this week:

 Free mini prints found here.  A juice carafe I found and filled with candy and embellished with a large yo-yo and felt bow.  Free card templates found here.

One of many Target finds with an added paper flower. Free pillow box templates found here..I filled the party box with party balloons!  Flower tutorial found here.
As soon as I get everything in my box and closed…I am painting the box with polka dots (yellow ones, of course) to give my friend a taste of what is inside.
Thanks again for playing along all week. If you did create a fun box to send to someone, I’d love to see your finished product..just email me a picture at kikicreates at gmail dot com.
Next week, here on Kiki Creates, I will be debuting the KID version of GO NOTES.  Can you believe it is August on Monday..and our little kiddos will be headed back to school? They will be the perfect love note to put in their backpack, lunchbox, reading book, etc!  See you Monday!

You Are My Sunshine {free download}

So are you totally tired of all the free downloads yet?! I hope not…I have one more for you today before we finish up our Yellow Box week!
Last night I fell asleep early. I usually have my posts done for the next day when I go to bed, but sleep felt much better last night.  When I woke up..I had this idea in my head and it wouldn’t go instead of the other post I was going to do, I quickly put some things together..and did this instead.
Here was my idea when I woke up:
I LOVE the song ”You are my sunshine”. I have a few prints in my shop that have the words of this song on it, but I woke up thinking..why not make them into dessert toppers?! I thought it would be so fun to surprise your significant other with, you could just cut them out and put them on the mirror for your spouse,  you could place them on varying heights of sticks and put them all on a cake so you could read it, you could surprise your whole family with it for dessert one night. There are so many instances that this song rings it is definitely versatile.
So by the time I designed them, got some desserts to put them in, and put them all together..the sun was out in full forgive my pictures, but I hope you can tell how fun they are!
Here are a few details:

I simply took the raindrops and hearts and hot glued some embroidery thread to the cloud and then on to the small pieces. I LOVE this look!
To download these dessert toppers go HERE. Remember, free downloads are for followers of Kiki Creates ONLY (just takes a second on the sidebar, thanks!).
So what do you think…do you have any other ideas on where to use them?

Some "mini" inspiration. {Limited Download}

One of my favorite gifts to give someone are little inspirational prints. I obviously love to make them :) , but I really do think words can have such a powerful effect upon how we think about and see life.  Today I took two very simple quotes and designed two very simple prints. But I love their words..and hope you do too. Find someone who needs a little lift and give them a little sunshine today!
Prints are 6″x4″. They will fit any standard size 4″x6″ frame.
“Think Happy. Be Happy.”
The connection between what we think and how life is because of it.

“Be Awesome Today.”
I LOVE this print for a kids they can see and remember how amazing they are..of course, it would work for any age of kid from 1-99!
This download will be available for ONE WEEK ONLY. It will then head to my shop at regular prices.

To download these prints, GO HERE. (Remember, free downloads are for followers of Kiki Creates only..takes just a second on the sidebar..thanks!).
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