a sweet bow and flower pillow.

I had such a great time creating yesterday. Do you ever have moments like that where you just feel super happy while creating? I love those moments!  Well, while on vacation, my mom and sister and I ran to IKEA for a bit of fun shopping (why don't they have an IKEA in Las Vegas..it's about time, that's all I'm saying!).  While there I picked up some fun fabric and had a great … [Read more...]

Fall Fashion Trends

Today I am excited to introduce you to my first contributor who will be posting on Fashion and Makeup.  Meet Kristie from Blushing Basics. Although Kristie is small in stature, she bursts with personality and spunk. I don't know anyone who knows her and doesn't adore her. And she is a talented makeup artist, fashion guru and stylist. I am so happy to have her on board as a contributor … [Read more...]

My BIG news.

I am so excited to tell you my big news today...and I tell you with a bit of nervousness because I hope you will be along for the ride!  A little while back I had this idea (about 7 months ago)..and then I got pregnant and I knew this idea had to be put into action!Coming up in the next month, I am going to be transitioning over to wordpress with a new name.  Introducing:Kiki … [Read more...]

A little tradition at A Little Tipsy!

Today you can find me at A Little Tipsy sharing one of our family's favorite traditions!  There may also be a free print in there for you too!:)And then head back this afternoon because I have some SUPER EXCITING NEWS TO SHARE WITH YOU! See you soon.I am HERE at a A little tipsy. … [Read more...]

Seek Learning {Free Print}

With school starting next week for my kids, I have been thinking a lot about learning.  Each year as school would start, I would be excited about all that I would be learning (and this was especially in college as I was doing something that I LOVED!). One thing that I have found out for sure about learning though, is that is comes much more naturally when I include God in it.  … [Read more...]