free-Printables with Purpose- Strengthen

On Sunday, I taught a lesson at church about supporting our family members.  It got me thinking so much about my life. I love my family. My family now and those who got stuck with me from the beginning. Sometimes I don't show them just how much I do love them though. Sometimes I show my friends a better me than I show my family. I think I forget sometimes just how much they put up … [Read more...]

Copycat recipes {recipes}

Do you ever go to a restaurant and start eating something delicious and think "I know I can make this for a lot less money at home?"  I do all the time!  I always grab a takeout menu for restaurants we visit, which generally has the ingredients listed on them and I can try to re-create the recipe at home.  As I try some of these recipes, I would LOVE to share them with you! … [Read more...]

Coconut Thumbprint Cookie with Salted Caramel {recipe}

Last week, my oldest son started scouts. Having two sons right in a row often makes time for "It's not fair that he gets to.." so to make sure that didn't happen on scout night, my second boy and I made sure to have a treat for everyone when they got home.  I called it his Scout lesson for the week!  They turned out so great and are a great alternative to a chocolate cookie.Coconut … [Read more...]

A new wall of art

I am so excited to show you this quick little project I have started and cannot wait to add to it!  Here is my wall of art:I have a wall in my master's not too big, but was completely empty. So I decided to add a little love to it! Do you want to know my trick?Simply buy some canvases at any store (Jo-Ann's and Michaels often have theirs on sale), spray your prints with … [Read more...]

Change your Thoughts. Change your Body: 4 Ways to Improve Fitness with your Mind {fitness}

Lately I’ve been deviating from the typical exercise and fitness advice I usually offer. But it’s for an important reason! This week, I want to address one of the single most important elements of not only a fit, clean body; but also a fit, clean life: your thoughts.For some this may sound cliché, corny, or oversimplified; but your thoughts play the lead role in determining virtually every … [Read more...]