Pretty Pleated Clock

While strolling through Target one day clearance shopping (yes, I hit up all the clearance aisles too often!), I saw this cute little clock and knew I could do something with it..and for $2.75, I snatched it right up!
I had a bunch of fabric scraps left over from projects as well as some ready made pleated fabric from Hobby Lobby and so I whipped up a pretty pleated clock:

Fun, right?! Pleating is such a fun and easy way to add some visual interest to all kinds of things (even clocks!)

There are so many ways to make pleats.  Here is just one way!  I wanted to make 3 1/2″ pleats, so I cut a piece of my fabric 7″ wide and folded it in half.  I ironed it and went on to step one!
Step 1-fold side over and iron 2-bring left side over and meet the two tops together, iron 3- gather again from the right side and iron 4- after doing this with your strip over and over you will have one big line of pleats 5- if you pull just a little you will see how fun it will look as a pleat! (I love this part!)
Next, I sewed the top of the pleat and gathered all of my materials:
pleats (both those I made and some I bought)
hot glue

I cut some cardboard to go on the outside of the clock to give me a place to glue down my largest pleated fabric.  I cut the back out so I could still hang the clock, change batteries, etc. Then I glued down the clock and then started with the pleats! Once I got it arranged just how I wanted it, I simply glued them down and voila..a fun and personalized clock! I also designed up a quick clock face to match the fabric and put that on the clock.

This clock is headed to my daughters room and will be a bright a happy addition!
Now the only question is…what will YOU add pleats to?
This post was originally created for See Kate Sew’s Ruffle Event.

White Ruffles- Project Run and Play {Free Download}

Welcome to another week of Project Run and Play! I am so happy to have you here at my new site and hope you will take a minute to look around!  This week I was so excited when I found out we would be celebrating Earth day with an upcycling/recycling/green week.  Going into this week, the only restriction I gave myself was not to spend a penny on fabric. And I didn’t!

So where was this outfit inspired from?

My Knock Off Urban Outfitters duvet cover was cut up and I made her jacket, shirt and shoes from it! The best part was not having to ruffle ANY of those ruffles!

I could not be more pleased with how the pieces turned out. The jacket is perfect for spring…sturdy, but light and having it be all white is so fun as it goes with so many things! I love the elbow length sleeves and the ruffle at the bottom of them. I know you might thing white is a horrible color for a child, but I can’t tell you how nice it is to be able to just toss it in the washing machine with some bleach and have it come out pristine!

I love the assymetrical look when it comes to coats and sewing a ruffle all the way around the bottom of the jacket finished it off.

This shirt was actually going to be a skirt until I sewed it into a shirt! The green trim came from an older shirt of mine and the ruffling around the neck was super easy, but I think it added just the perfect touch to the shirt.

I added a green zig-zag stitch on the front ruffles to give them just a little pop of color.

The jeans were fashioned from some older Maternity pants of mine and they fit her so fact, they are now my favorite jeans to put her in.

Lastly, I added some ruffles to her shoes and made a big blossom hair accesory to go in her hair. So fun, right?!

And that is a wrap on this week’s outfit that cost me a grand total of $0. That has to be my favorite part of upcycling!

all photography by Sweet as Honey Photography.

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The Ultimate Self Tanner {Fashion}


allure beauty blogger of the year


you may remember that last week i was selected as a finalist in the Allure Beauty Blogger of the Year awards ( i am one of fifteen bloggers competing for five weeks to win the ultimate title. each week i will give you a glimpse of my weekly challenge and then beg that you take a minute to go vote for me! (Kristie Burnett) this week Challenge #1 was a product review. i reviewed my all time, hands down, can’t be beat self tanner St. Tropez. this genie in a bottle will be your new BFF. with a smooth streak free application, virtually no tanner scent and a gorgeous bronze glow, St. Tropez is the trifecta of tanners. for more information please take a second to check out my challenge and while you’re there, possibly give me vote. happy tanning!


xo, kristie

Let’s help Kristie out! I noticed after I signed up the first time, it is SUPER easy to vote after that and really just takes a second! Thanks.

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