Win $50 to Kiki and Company’s Digital Shop!

I thought it would be so fun to try an experiment out. I want to see how many times we can get an image pinned or shared in a short amount of time! I am always SO excited when I am on Pinterest or Facebook and see someone has pinned one of my projects or shared one of my posts. Seriously, it makes me smile!:)

But as an incentive (and to make YOU smile) I thought it would be fun to give a gift certificate to 2 people. $50 each to my new digital shop. That will get you a WHOLE lot of prints..or you can give the gift certificate away for Christmas. You choose!:)

All you have to do is pin one of these pictures, leave a comment that you did and you are entered to win. Even better, share one of the posts on my Facebook page with one of these pictures and you get an extra entry!That’s it.

IF you want to know where you can get this really fun print, CLICK HERE!

Don’t forget to leave a comment for each thing you do! I will announce the winner next Friday.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! {Christmas Countdown House}

 I told you I was making my Countdown House..and I did! I love so many things about this house, but the biggest is that I made it in 30 minutes and it will last for a few years. (And if it so happens  that something happens to it, I can simply reprint!)


Once you get your prints back from being printed, first,  (1) attach the back part of the countdown (part with activities/scriptures on them) to foam core with spray adhesive. I bought my foam core at Wal-mart  for $1.40. Next, using an exacto knife, cut your house out (2). Take the front of your house and using an exacto knife, cut the windows and door. I made all of mine open bottom to top except windows 6,17, and 10 (open from right to left) (3), taking glue or a glue dot runner glue all around the door and windows and all over the back of the house (4) to get it prepared to stick on top of the activities. Turn it over, line up your corners and stick your house down. Using your fingers go around all the windows, door and the corners really well. Lastly, take a piece of leftover foam core and cut a rectangle. score (5) one side of the top 1/5 of the rectangle. (6) Glue the top part (small rectangle) and line up the bottom of the rectangle with the back of the board. Place the rectangle down and let the glue dry. You now have a stand for your board..and you are finished!

If you want to join me and my family as we make fun memories in December, click HERE to find the Christmas Countdown House!

Come back Monday for a cute button to put on your blog to show you are participating and don’t forget to pin and share on facebook! You are the best.

Now I want to hear from YOU! Are you doing the Countdown House? Which one?

For Unto Us in a BIG print!

I have been working hard and getting my house put together for Christmas. Today I am putting together my Christmas Countdown house! (Have you made yours yet?) 

As you know one of the prints that comes with the Scripture and Mix Countdowns is this 11×14 piece:

I love it so much, but wanted to make it REALLY big in my house.

I had it printed 3 feet by 4 feet by a local printing company for a great deal. I had it mounted on a PVC foam board called Sintra and hung it with Command velcro strips.

I love how it turned out!

I kind of love looking at my home in black and white…so magical!

 I’ve had a lot of people ask how they can purchase this print.

To order an 11×14 digital print, order the Scripture or Mix Countdown HERE.

To order a 16×20 digital print click HERE.

To order a 36×48 digital print click HERE.

The 11×14 comes in both a png and pdf format, the larger sizes come only in pdf format. The chalk version in the big size is a lot less “chalky” due to pixalation occuring. I have the chalk version hanging and love it, but there is also a plain black version available!

All digital files will be sent within 24 hours..many times MUCH sooner!

You can also buy a few new prints I have been adding to my digital shop as well!

How is your Christmas Decorating coming along?

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