An Owl Necklace Makeover {tutorial and giveaway}

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Do you ever have pieces of inexpensive jewelry where you look at them and say, “I wonder if I could make this cuter?” I often buy cheaper jewelry and think “I am sure 1,000 other women have this exact same piece of jewelry now.” Well, here is one quick solution to fix both can make it cute AND have a totally unique piece to wear!
A few weeks ago, I bought a few of these owl necklaces from Pick Your Plum to give as gifts. When I got them, I loved them. You can see from the before, they are super cute necklaces, but then I thought, I want to paint one and see what it looks like…so that is exactly what I did.
I just got out some acrylic paints that I had on hand and went to town. I love how it turned bright and cheery and in one of my favorite color palettes right now.
It took me about 20 minutes to paint it and about 10 more to dry. I know this isn’t for all jewelry, but a fun way to take an item that is cheaper and not so unique and turn it around to something really fun to wear.
I even thought how fun this would be to do as a craft night. Imagine getting 10 women together and all painting at the same time and then seeing how different they all are because of color preferences and then how you place the color on it as well! Wouldn’t that be fun?!
SO I have a necklace leftover..does anyone want to give it a try?
To win a blank owl to paint, simply leave a comment and let me know what color combination YOU would use!

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39 Responses to “An Owl Necklace Makeover {tutorial and giveaway}”

  1. Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry

    Oh WOW, I LOVE owls and this turned out sooo CUTE! My color combo would be ORANGE, YELLOW, and PINK…

  2. Nicole & Ammon

    You are so crafy Kiki! I would maybe use black, white and Pink or maybe red since I wear a lot of black.

  3. Nicole & Ammon

    I don't know if this posted. I'll try again. I would use black, white and either pink or red. You are one crafty girl Kiki! I love all your stuff!

  4. Sara

    Adorable! I would do one in various shades of green, my favorite color!

  5. Jena

    thats super cute! I'd use Turquoise, red, and black.

  6. Brittney

    This is adorable!!! I would maybe paint it with the trend right now — grey and yellow, maybe add some white. This seriously looks so fun. I love a good craft!

  7. Brittney

    This is adorable!! I would probably paint the owl with the current trend — grey and yellow, maybe add a bit of white in there. This seriously looks so fun!! I love a good craft! (not sure if my previous comment went through? sorry if there is two.)

  8. Jen@thecraftingfiend

    LOVE that necklace! I think I would do grey, yellow, and sky blue

  9. Kathleen Carranza

    so cute! well I am loving neon for spring, so maybe neon pink, yellow & white.

  10. Kathleen Carranza

    so cute! well I am loving neon for spring, so maybe neon pink, yellow & white.

  11. Mica

    I'd use the colors Turquoise and Grey!


  12. JULIE

    I'd use aqua, turquoise, and butter yellow. Super cute!!

  13. Giraffens kaos

    Purpel and pink

  14. Manda

    I would do a rust orange, turquoise, and cream… I think. There are so many possibilities!

  15. JoEllen

    Fun! I would love yellow, coral, and turquoise =)

    joellenzafacon at gmail dot com

  16. KimD

    Yours turned out really cute! I think I would try blue, brown, tan…or maybe shades of green?

  17. Nicole

    This is darling! I'd have to go with coral, aqua, and some white. Love it!!

  18. Stacey

    I would've never thought to paint it–great idea! I think I'd paint the owl grey and teal.

  19. Charlie

    I would probably go with blue/teal/purple combination.

    These are too cute!

  20. Renonda

    What a neat idea! I like apple green and orange.

  21. Jocelyn

    That owl is darling with the layered colors!!! Such a fun idea to paint it to match your outfits!!!

  22. PitterAndGlink

    Such a great idea! :)

  23. Alice H

    Hard to choose! gray and blue though I think. Or blue and green – thanks for the chance! alicedemskehansen at

  24. Laura

    fantastic idea! now I'm going to be hunting for a piece of jewelry I can "customize" like this:)

  25. shan19

    So cute! I saw those on Pick Your Plum and thought about getting them. I never thought to paint one! I would probably do blues and greens of some shade.

  26. seniorpal

    Wow I dont know for sure : turquoise,light brown,creamy or turq., light brown light yellow. Just a treasure of a win

  27. Elizabeth

    So cute! I think I might do shades of blue…or aqua and orange…or yellow and blue :)

  28. Madi Bowe

    It's so adorable!! You are so smart – I love it! I would do probably a plum and a navy color with a little accent of pale yellow or silver!

  29. Mhairi

    I think I would use grey, purple and green. I love what you have done with the owls. What a great idea to create a unique piece of jewellery.

  30. Martina's Moments

    I would use navy blue and coral! The owl is adorable!

  31. Martina's Moments

    Navy blue and coral – love this idea!

  32. Amy

    What a clever idea! The paint makes such a difference; really livens it up and makes it a conversation piece! It would totally be fun to do with a group of girlfriends. Did you put anything over the acrylic paint to seal it? I'd love for you to share this at my Shine on Fridays party, going on now at

  33. Cali

    This is so creative! I'm all for saving some money and being creative. I would paint mine a combo or yellow, and grey and baby blue. I love these colors right now! Thanks for the great ideas :)

  34. Deanne Swanson

    I think yellow and blue would look incredible…. BTW…I love anything you create. Still loving the artwork on my walls. :-)

  35. Josh and Sady

    Ok so I'm so regreting not getting that dang it…I would paint it in a good mustard yellow with a cream with a good summer coral pink. Umm ill come to that girls night

  36. Miller Family

    I would use teal,yellow and pink. This is too cute!

  37. amberflora

    I've seen this done with nail polish also :) such a creative idea! I think I would do it in neons to be in with the current trend :)

  38. Szappanbubi

    Adorable! Color you life!
    I'd use yellow orange and red/brown :D firstly I'd have said that green instead of reddish-brown cause it gives them a nice-looking palette..but hey, green owl? :D

  39. Claire Brown

    I. Love. Owls. (: I would probably use silver, purple, and black. Favorite colors, very dramatic. (:

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