It’s been a month and other life lessons.

There are so many things I learn (and remember) as a parent when I have a newborn in the house:

*I quickly  remembered how LOUD our house is. (The fire alarm went off one morning at 5 am..she didn’t budge. An hour later our floor creaked and she was wide awake.)

*I don’t know how I ever stayed up until 12 or 1 am in college and woke up at 6 with no problem. It’s all making me feel a little old.

*There isn’t a better smell than a newborn. I could literally eat. her. up.

*I forgot how quickly you have to change a diaper or you have another diaper and a whole bed to change too!

*I forgot how amazing it feels to put your finger in their hand and have them grip tightly on to you. It reminds me how fully she depends on me.

*I’m learning really quickly how much her 21 month old brother adores her, and shows it with poking, prodding and kisses. The kisses are the sweetest thing to watch. The poking and prodding are not.

*I HAD forgotten what REALLY tired feels like. I now remember. ;)

*I’m remembering the aroma of spit up all over your shirt quite well now…and how I just keep wearing it so I don’t have more laundry to do.

*oh laundry…..there is just too much of you.

*I keep learning just how much I love being a mother. It’s hard. It’s frustrating. It’s tiring. It requires ALL of you. BUT I’ve never done anything great and rewarding that isn’t all of those things. And this certainly is.

funny story: i took pics of my daughter the other day for her 1 month pictures and did everything to get her to sleep. I nursed and rocked and had her perfectly sleeping 10 times, but as soon as I’d lay her down, she’d wake right up…so WIDE AWAKE is how she will remember herself at 1 month old….until…

I got done, dressed her in her clothes for the day and laid her in her seat. I came back to this: MILK COMA SLEEP. And there she laid and slept for the next 2 hours! Little stinker.

How about you? What are the best things you learned or remember from mothering?

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Simple and Petite Felt Bow {free template}

After seeing cute bows like this everywhere online, but never finding any templates, I decided to make one in case you are having the same issues! These bows are quick and simple to make and adding a little alligator clip on back (or adding it to a headband) will make it a perfect gift option for a baby shower or to add to your little girls (or your) hair!

Here are some quick directions:

Step 1- Using template at end of post, cut out felt pieces.

Step 2- Using hot glue, dab a bit on the large piece corner (as shown) and secure in the middle. Do both sides.

Step 3- Take smaller piece and adhere to the opposite side of the bow with a dab of hot glue

Step 4- Take rectangle and add a dot of hot glue on the back of the bow. Adhere rectangle and then wrap around the front of the bow and finish off with a dot of hot glue to hold it down.

And that’s it! Make it in every color you can think of!

Grab the free template HERE.

Remember, as with all free downloads, if you take the file, just like my facebook page and/or follow me on Pinterest!

6 Must Try Baby Girl Projects

Here we go with more great Baby Girl week projects to do! (I have a few more days of girls..then we will be on to boys!)

I love finding new projects to whip up for baby shower gifts (I find just a bit of handmade added to store bought makes it SO special!)..or for your cute little pink peanut you may be adding to your brood..some must try projects I added to my baby board on Pinterest. (You can follow me HERE!)

Just remember to be kind and go and pin these projects from the original source! Thanks!

Try these baby barefoot sandals at Craftaholics Anonymous.

Sweet little felt headbands.

LOVE this free doll pattern at Girl. Inspired.

Sweet felt baby shoes from The Purl Bee

Cute little ruffled shoes at Fleeting Thing.

and how about wrapping up some cute onesies and socks for a shower like this:

Happy fun baby girl project day!

Tomorrow will be BOWS, BOWS, BOWS!

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