Tastes of November // Cornbread Sausage Stuffing / Pecan Pie Truffles {recipe}

I have been trying to piece together a meal plan for Thanksgiving along with family coming to visit for the holiday. It's tricky trying to get prepared for this since I am expecting a baby ANY time now! It has been so fun picking out table decor, plates, and place settings.  This is my first time hosting Thanksgiving, so it is a whole new experience! Anyhow, I wanted to share just a few … [Read more...]

Taste of November / Cranberry Crock Pot Turkey Breast //Perfect Mashed Potatoes//Minnie’s Chocolate Pie {recipe}

Hey there! I am so excited to share some yummy recipes with you this month :) I am so geared up for Thanksgiving...I am hosting my first one at my house and have loved getting table decor, chargers, and pretty plates gathered for the occasion. Not to mention I should have a new baby in the house by then!! Anyhow, I thought I'd share a few things you could make for the big day OR if you need just a … [Read more...]

October Eats and Sweets / Tamale Pie // Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Pie {recipe}

One last week of the yummy eats and sweets we've been having this October!  I may be skipping ahead to November a little bit this month, but I am so excited to be testing out pies for the next big holiday ;)   This tamale pie was perfect for a weeknight meal.  It is very similar to a taco soup, but more of an all-in-one meal with the cornbread cooked right on top.  Enjoy! Tamale … [Read more...]

October Eats and Sweets / Pumpkin Spice Buddies // Cheeseburger Soup {recipes}

  Time is flying!  Here's to another week of October Eats and Sweets....only one more after this and we are into November...crazy, eh?!  Here are 2 more recipes perfect for any fall day.  Enjoy :) Welp...here is yet another fall-time treat!  This variation of the tradition Muddy Buddy is perfect for any occasion...I just have been snacking on these yummy little snacks while I … [Read more...]

October Eats and Sweets / Copycat Lion House Sweet and Sour Meatballs // Crockpot Cinnamon Sugar Almonds {recipe}

Week 3 of October Eats and Sweets is here!  Today I am sharing 2 simple recipes that would be great for any Fall-time dinner and a snack.  Enjoy! When someone posts a recipe and says that the recipe is one of their favorite dinners ever, it makes me want to try it, and fast!  The meatball are really tasty, were so moist, and the sauce was so yummy!  We served it with some yummy Fried … [Read more...]