Thanksgiving Table Decor: Blessed and Thankful Silverware Holders

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So excited to have you all with me this week! I’ve got some really fun projects that I made using my Cricut Explore machine that you can follow along and make too! This month for the Cricut Design Star Contest the theme was “Celebrations” and our team chose to have the theme “On the Table and Dreaming”. What is that, you ask? Well, we wanted to explore different ideas that you can put on your table throughout the year…from baby showers to holidays and everything in between.

I chose to do a Thanksgiving table and I’m really excited about how it all came together! I have  a few different ideas for you, so I hope you’ll come back each day to see them!

Isn’t that so fun and cheerful?!

First off, we are going to talk about the Blessed and Thankful Silverware Holders.

They are SUPER easy to make and require the following:

Cricut Explore

Blessed and Thankful Design File

Paper in 2 colors & glue!

That’s it!

To use, I opened up the files I designed  in Cricut Design Space.

Get it sized to where you want it and cut it out.

After taking off the outside (with the words), proceed to cut the insert.

Finish by folding the outside and gluing the insert on to the back of the the front. Glue the two sides together and you are done!

The file comes with both the Thankful version:

and the Blessed version:

Aren’t those SO fun?!

Put your silverware into the holders and place on top of a napkin on the plate. By being able to use any color, you can really personalize these to fit into your own decor and settings.

I LOVE the thought of decorating my table and adding reminders (Blessed and Thankful) to remember just how I am feeling on that day. Of course you could use these for other things too, think “Thank you” dinners or celebrations such as Baptisms, Anniversaries, etc.

To make this project SUPER easy, use your Cricut Explore is SO easy to use and make your favorite projects in just minutes!

Cricut has some really fun deals going on right now. Check this one out:

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Check out some of these other amazing ideas from my team and I’ll see you back tomorrow for the next project!

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Twirl Away 1 Hour Skirt {sewing tutorial}

Oh, I am so happy to have you here today as I get to share a fun skirt with you today as part of Simple Simon and Company’s Skirting the Issue event.

I have a little confession to make. I adore this event so much each year. I love to give back. I love to support and encourage girls in their education.

I also have not found myself so busy in all of the years that I have been a mother. I am moving, having to rip apart and put together our new house, I’ve had an influx of work, and I had a family reunion to get my family packed for this week. In short, my life has been crazy. The other day, I knew I had this post coming up and so I sat down and gave myself just a bit to finish everything. I had an idea of what I wanted and went for it. AND GUESS WHAT?! You guys, I had the skirt cut, sewn, and finished in about 45 minutes (it took me a little bit to figure out the waistband). In less than an hour, I had the skirt done. So I just wanted to let you know that YOU CAN DO IT. If you want to participate in this awesome event which will provide skirts to girls in foster care, then know that you can set aside an hour and get SO much done!

So here we go. Here is my girl in her Twirl Away skirt:

Because I made this not from a pattern, I just wanted to tell you what I did. Sorry..I sew like this so much, I need to get better at using a pattern! :)

I used a yard of fabric and cut it into 3 pieces:

I measured my daughters waist and doubled it. I measured her waist to her knee. That made the first piece.

Next, I took her waist measurement and cut a piece of fabric 6′ x her waist measurement + 3″.

I took a piece of fabric 5″x48″ and cut it in half.

Sew the skirt portion’s right sides together. Finish the bottom by folding it 1/4″ up, then fold again and sew. Next I sewed some tulle in ruffle to the bottom inside of the skirt.

To make the waistband, I sewed 2 giant buttonholes in the middle, bottom half  of the waistband.  Cut out the material in the middle of the buttonholes. (see illustration below)

Sew the waistband’s long right sides together to make a 3″ waistband.

Sew the tie’s together by sewing it into a tube (3 sides, right sides together and pull it through. ) Pull the inside out and iron. Now put the two ties in each side of the waistband tube with the unsewn side at the end of the waistband tube. Sew all the layers together. Pull the ties through the inside of the waistband and pull them out of the buttonholes. Sew the waistband to the skirt by pinning the front, back and sides to each other and then evenly space out the rest of the skirt on the waistband. Sew together and you are done!

My girl was so excited to try her skirt on. (Ideally I would have liked an inch or two less on her length, but it all worked out and I left it. :)

I’m sure the directions sounded a bit more complicated than it is, but no matter the skirt you make, find one you love and make one or ten up!

As my girl put on this outfit and started to get her pics taken, she had so much fun and twirled and twirled. It really is a fun dress for that!

I hope you find a skirt to make, and if you decide to try this one, send me a pic, so I can feature you!

Again, I’d like to thank Simple Simon and Company for inviting me to participate and can’t wait to make more twirling skirts for girls in need. To find out more about Skirting the Issue, visit Simple Simon and Co.


Chilly Paper Tots- Ice Castle Set {new printable}

I am so excited to show you this really fun set that I have been sitting on for awhile! If you have a Frozen lover in your home, then this set is for you! It would make a fun birthday gift/favor, craft night for girls, etc. I’m excited to share with you Chilly Paper Tots:

The set includes Paper Tots Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Hans, Sven and Olaf.

Can’t you just hear your kids playing out the movie and other adventures with these sweet little sets?! This Ice Castle Set also comes with Elsa’s Ice Castle background and a 3D sled that you can put together! I can tell you that my daughter has been playing these since I made them. I see her pulling her friends around on a sleigh ride and hear her making so many fun adventures with her friends.

To make the sled, simply cut out the pieces and fold on the lines (for the sled legs). Glue the leg together to make it a square. Repeat with the other side. Glue the back piece on the sled and then on the front, score and cut notches out of the folded piece to get a perfect bend and you glue it on the front. (See pics). To put a bottom on the sled, cut out a piece of paper that will fit across the sled. Glue it on. (I even made mine long and glued on the inside front of the sled as well so my cute paper tots could stay put!

As with all of my prints, once you buy the digital image, you can print as many times as you would like. The email containing the file will be sent to you within 24 hours.

The paper tots can also be used as cupcake toppers for parties. There will be other sets coming out soon to help you keep those frozen obsessed kids happy in an affordable way!

To buy the Chilly Paper Tots- Ice Castle Set, simply click HERE!

You are also DOUBLE LUCKY can head over to the Crafting Chicks and grab this Summer Set today for FREE!

I hope your summer has been amazing and that you are having fun keeping your kiddos busy!

For more summer fun:

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