Summer Road Games {free download}

Last year, I debuted this free road game set for kids, but it was for newsletter subscribers only….so today it is for all of you!  It is tried and tested and a proven fun game set for kids while on the road this summer.

This pack of games consists of 6 printables.


This is very self explanatory. When your kidlet finds one of the pictures they can add a sticker, candy, mark over it, etc. and when they get a blackout, have a special treat/toy just for them.


I love this idea..especially for older kids. Simply print a few of these out and let them watch the cars pass. They can draw out the license plate and color it in. Make it rewarding by having a surprise when they hit milestones (10 states, 20 states, etc)

I will print out what the license plates look like for them from HERE.

I found this super cute map of the U.S. from Mr. Printables that I will give them with the license plates so they can color and see where that car came from!


A fun game to play with pairs.


A fun way for kids to record their adventures in the car, camping and there is even a blank one that they can draw and fill in as they please. There are 3 designs of these.

This download was once for newsletter subscribers, but is now for everyone! You can find the free games HERE!

Remember, if you take the files just be sure to like my facebook page or follow me on pinterest!


Have a happy summer on the road.:)


Summer Sewing Cards {free printable}

 I LOVE summer, but I also love to have lots of activities for my kids to do to keep them busy. My 6 year old has been begging me to teach him how to sew and my 4 year old loves to do whatever activity I am doing, so I thought this would be a perfect time to teach each of them to sew and get comfortable with a needle in their hand, and thus designed some sweet summer sewing cards that will do just the trick!

These sewing cards are super easy to put together and get them sewing in no time!

To put the cards together you will need:

-THESE downloads.

-self laminating sheets

-hole punch


-plastic kids needle, a dull ended big needle (I found mine at Wal-Mart) or tape

1-Print out the downloads and cut them out around the black outside line

2-Using your self laminating sheets, laminate the cards. You can even do this at any print shop for super cheap.

3- Cut out laminated cards. Hole punch every inch or so in the white areas all around the designs.

4-Cut yarn and tie a knot at the bottom of each card.

5-You can either thread the yarn in a needle and get them going, or if you don’t have one around, tape the end of the yarn and it is ready to go!

Sit with them and let them go at it. Teach them how to do some different stitches..or simply let them go at it.

It took my daughter a few minutes to get the hang of it, but she was determined…and did amazing!

It took her a good 20 minutes to get it done. She really enjoyed herself…

and I think was pretty darn proud of herself.

So go ahead and go grab these sweet little cards HERE…

and enjoy summer break with your kids!

What are YOU going to teach your kids this summer?

Easy and Colorful Egg Carton Eggs

One of the fun projects we did during Spring Break was to make these sweet Egg Carton flowers to take to some ladies on Easter night.  I saw this cute idea from The Friend Collective and knew I could find a way to make them with things I had around the house. They couldn’t be easier to make..and turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself!

They are really self explanatory. Take your egg carton and cut it into little sections…

The left will show you what you will start with, then I simply rounded the corners with scissors.

I got plates of paint out for the kids and let them go at it. They did all the painting for me…I just told them to paint one color inside and one on the outside.  After they were dried, I used floral wire…you could use pipe cleaners…and poked them through the back, added buttons and beads and called it good.

You could add leaves and all kinds of extras, but we kept ours super simple and put them in a mason jar filled with jelly beans. I added a quick ribbon and they were ready to give!

Aren’t they so cute and colorful?  And I love that they use up free “garbage” that would only be finding itself in the garbage can! Come back tomorrow for a free printable card to add to them.:)

Happy Spring!:)

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