Win a Cricut Explore! {Giveaway}

cricut group 16

Ooh, I have been having so much fun with my Cricut Explore these last few months..and I have some really fun projects coming up in the next week. Here's a sneak peek at one of my fun projects using the new Print and Cut feature on the Explore: I'm excited that our Group 16 team of ladies gets to share a fun giveaway this month where you have a chance to win a Cricut Explore (talk about a fun … [Read more...]

Christmas Wishlist 2014 {3D fiber mascara} + Giveaway

christmas wishlist 2014

Oooh, I am so excited to share with you my wishlists of 2014. Over the next 10 weeks or so, I will be sharing items on my wishlist, my kids wishlists and ┬ámy hubby's wishlist in hopes that I can make Christmas shopping a little easier for you this year. (I don't know about you, but I am stuck sometimes on what to get siblings, husband, etc.) Hopefully these will help you out just a bit! I am … [Read more...]

The Great Craft Stash Giveaway!

Ooooh, have I another really fun giveaway for you today! If you missed it, I have a book + vacation giveaway going on too. This one is for all of you who love to craft and create! 38 AWESOME bloggers have all joined forces to give you the GREAT craft Stash GIVEAWAY! Each blogger has picked one of their favorite crafting tools to give to ONE lucky winner (AND IT COULD BE YOU!!!!) WE have … [Read more...]

Favorite Books and Summer Vacation Giveaway!

Happy Monday! I was so excited to learn so many fun and fascinating things about my fellow 'Or So She Says...' contributors last week in the Q & A Blog Hop.What an awesome group of ladies they are. Well, today, we are all back to share and give away some of our favorite books AND there is a vacation on the line too! How many times, in your stressful life, have you dreamed about laying out … [Read more...]

The Pledge of Allegiance {new printable} + giveaway

THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE from kiki and company.

I remember as a 5 year old going to school the first time and standing up with my class to say the Pledge of Allegiance everyday. I think that is when my love for the 4th of July and having pride in the good ol' US of A started! I now love seeing my kids say this and am putting this up in my home as a reminder of this great country that we live in. Isn't that such a fun print?! This print … [Read more...]