When Life Gives You Lemons..MAKE LEMONADE! {New prints}

This last spring, I went to SNAP conference (It’s a blogging conference) and heard Alex Boye sing this song. He hadn’t released it yet, but it STUCK WITH ME. I couldn’t wait until it came out on Itunes and NOW IT HAS! You can find it HERE. But the message of the song is what stuck with me.

There are so many lessons that I want to teach my kids about life. I love teaching them through words, but I mostly love teaching them through example. This is a lesson that I think EVERY KID needs to learn:

Yes, we have all heard it before, When life gives you lemons…make lemonade.

Have you had lemons? I know I have! Let’s remind our kids that lemons ARE going to come into our lives. It’s necessary for growth, for change and for improvement. Sometimes we bring those lemons on ourselves, but most times, I think they just come. BUT the lesson comes in HOW WE DEAL WITH THEM!

Let’s teach them how to MAKE LEMONADE out of them.

What does that mean? As we experience trials, road bumps, or BIG potholes in life, take a step back and look at the big picture. As we see our lemons for what they are, we can learn how we can LEARN from them..and USE them to help improve, mold and sweeten us to become better! Looking back at times in my life where I have struggled, I can see how those times have made me a more empathetic, kind, and loving person. Experiences in life  that we have, unique or not, make us and change us. How we deal with them will make us better or bitter. Let’s choose the better and teach our kids how to do the same.

I’m hanging these up in my new home to help my kids remember to make lemonade out of the lemons in their life. I’m hoping the visual reminder with stick with them. :)

You can get your own set (which will each include a 5×7 and 8×10 of each of the prints in digital form) by clicking HERE to get to my shop!

Happy Lemonade making!




Be Brave {Words to Remember 5.1}

This is a new series I will be doing in 2014 in collaboration with Redline Resistance. Get going on your goals and stick with them and keep these prints around to motivate you. Each Monday (most weeks) :) will be a new print and phone wallpaper to download for 99 cents.  

As I have been thinking about lessons that I want to make sure my kids learn and how I can be an example of them, I thought of some of the insecurities I have.  Last week I attended SNAP, a blogging conference for DIY blogs. For about a month before coming (okay maybe 3) I just kept telling myself that I didn’t need to go. I kept telling my husband that I thought I would just stay home and he kept telling me I needed to go. I am a little shy going into new territories in life and always have been, but I also know that I have gotten along with just about every single person I have ever met, so I knew it would be another great experience. When I finally just decided that this was happening, I dove in. As I entered the Little America hotel the first night to check in, I was lucky enough to instantly get a quick hug from Jen and Jodie at eighteen25 and Mique from 30 days. I knew the next few days would be amazing. And they were. I felt inspired and understood and connected with so many amazing women and brands that I know were just meant to happen. So the lesson:

I’ve always known that the greatest growth that I have ever experienced are in the moments where I am most uncomfortable. Being brave is my new goal. I’m keeping it on my phone, so each time I open it it stares at me.

I hope you find some moments to be brave and just go for it.

Find these 5×7 prints and phone wallpaper HERE.


Don’t Just Talk About It, BE about it! {free download}

This freebie is for all of the Kiki and Company community. This quote stopped me in my tracks one day and helped me remember how important it is not only to talk, but ESPECIALLY how important it is to BE. I hope this motivates you to do good in your own life and to look for opportunities to be a teacher through your actions!

Click below to pick up these 5×7 freebies:
don’t just talk about it

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