Chilly Paper Tots- Ice Castle Set {new printable}

I am so excited to show you this really fun set that I have been sitting on for awhile! If you have a Frozen lover in your home, then this set is for you! It would make a fun birthday gift/favor, craft night for girls, etc. I’m excited to share with you Chilly Paper Tots:

The set includes Paper Tots Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Hans, Sven and Olaf.

Can’t you just hear your kids playing out the movie and other adventures with these sweet little sets?! This Ice Castle Set also comes with Elsa’s Ice Castle background and a 3D sled that you can put together! I can tell you that my daughter has been playing these since I made them. I see her pulling her friends around on a sleigh ride and hear her making so many fun adventures with her friends.

To make the sled, simply cut out the pieces and fold on the lines (for the sled legs). Glue the leg together to make it a square. Repeat with the other side. Glue the back piece on the sled and then on the front, score and cut notches out of the folded piece to get a perfect bend and you glue it on the front. (See pics). To put a bottom on the sled, cut out a piece of paper that will fit across the sled. Glue it on. (I even made mine long and glued on the inside front of the sled as well so my cute paper tots could stay put!

As with all of my prints, once you buy the digital image, you can print as many times as you would like. The email containing the file will be sent to you within 24 hours.

The paper tots can also be used as cupcake toppers for parties. There will be other sets coming out soon to help you keep those frozen obsessed kids happy in an affordable way!

To buy the Chilly Paper Tots- Ice Castle Set, simply click HERE!

You are also DOUBLE LUCKY can head over to the Crafting Chicks and grab this Summer Set today for FREE!

I hope your summer has been amazing and that you are having fun keeping your kiddos busy!

For more summer fun:

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DIY Frozen Elsa Dress {tutorial} Materials List and The Sparkle Top

I am so excited to continue Birthday Week with a tutorial that will span over 3 days! I don’t know about YOUR house, but mine is FROZEN obsessed.  We watched it on opening day and haven’t been able to stop singing along (and watching it over and over since it came out on DVD). My daughter had a Frozen Birthday party to go to and was suppose to dress like someone from Frozen, so of course she picked Elsa..who else, right?!

BUT TRUE STORY. I went to buy her a dress from the Disney Store. Out. I looked all over. Out. Disney is apparently sold out through June. I looked on Amazon and found one for $450. Umm, no. So we did not despair and packed up the kids and went to Hobby Lobby to shop for some fabric!

We had a blast going to the store and picking out fabric. She was so invested in each piece that we hurried home and got to work and a few hours later we had this:

There are some great shortcuts we took to make it look so great, but I can tell you she transformed and sang “Let It Go” the rest of the day.

And the cape?! Well, she let me know at the beginning how long and beautiful it had to be. I also made it somewhat functional by making it removeable with velcro.

For a smile that big though, I would do just about anything! She’s one of my little princesses and it is SO fun to let her imagine and imagine and imagine some more!

Because it is Birthday Week, I thought you might want to join in on the fun as well. For just under $25 and a few hours you can make your own little Elsa her own dress and let her be the queen of your frozen castle. This will be broken up into 3 days, so by Friday, you will have all the steps to make your own dress!

I’d love to see your little Elsa’s. Send me a pic to kikicreates at gmail dot com so I can see your handiwork!


Free General Conference Printables for Kids {free printable}

I am so excited for this weekend. This weekend is a chance that I (along with every other member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) gets to listen to the prophet and other leaders of our church speak. What do they talk about? How to build your faith, how to endure during trials of our life, how to build our marriages, and ALWAYS messages about our Savior, Jesus Christ. So we get to listen to two 2 hours sessions on Saturday and two 2 hour sessions on Sunday. It’s a lot of time, but SO uplifting and it fills my soul to listen and be inspired to be better.

So factor into those 8 hours of listening 5 kids and it sometimes becomes a crazy time. Today I thought I’d make those hours where the kids are listening a little easier on everyone with a few Free General Conference Games:

First, there is a Draw the Speaker game. There is both a male and female page. Have your kids draw what the speaker looks like. What color is the man’s tie? Does he wear glasses? Is the woman wearing a necklace? Is her hair long or short? For the younger crowd, this is probably as far as they can do alone, but help them write in the speaker’s name and ask them at the end of the talk what he/she talked about. Older kids can fill it all in by themselves. I can’t wait to see how my kids draw different speakers. :)

Next up is Conference Bingo. Now unlike a regular bingo where you would have multiple cards, this one has just one card, but the card has words that your child will listen for (they are written more than once on the card) so you can either play who can fill the line in first or for younger kids, 5 in a row, etc. You could also fill the card completely in. Use nuts, raisins, cereal, or small candies to mark the words heard.

Lastly is Color the Temple. I have 7 temples with their outlines, so your child can draw the defining features (or make their own) and color the temple in. I also have one blank page so your child can draw the temple that is closest to you!

I am so excited to see how you use these printables. (You could even use them for Sunday meetings to get your kiddos to listen). Each 6 months as general conference rolls around, I will be adding to these worksheets!  I will be posting my kids results on my INSTAGRAM page, where you can follow me and keep up with my family.

Download the games by clicking each of the links below!

general conference pack draw the speaker

general conference pack draw the speaker sister

general conference pack bingo

general conference pack temple coloring salt lake city

general conference pack temple coloring seattle

general conference pack temple coloring san diego

general conference pack temple coloring portland

general conference pack temple coloring las vegas

general conference pack temple coloring denver

general conference games bountiful

general conference pack temple coloring draw your own temple

Happy General Conference weekend.:)

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