Free General Conference Printables for Kids {free printable}

I am so excited for this weekend. This weekend is a chance that I (along with every other member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) gets to listen to the prophet and other leaders of our church speak. What do they talk about? How to build your faith, how to endure during trials of our life, how to build our marriages, and ALWAYS messages about our Savior, Jesus Christ. So we get to listen to two 2 hours sessions on Saturday and two 2 hour sessions on Sunday. It’s a lot of time, but SO uplifting and it fills my soul to listen and be inspired to be better.

So factor into those 8 hours of listening 5 kids and it sometimes becomes a crazy time. Today I thought I’d make those hours where the kids are listening a little easier on everyone with a few Free General Conference Games:

First, there is a Draw the Speaker game. There is both a male and female page. Have your kids draw what the speaker looks like. What color is the man’s tie? Does he wear glasses? Is the woman wearing a necklace? Is her hair long or short? For the younger crowd, this is probably as far as they can do alone, but help them write in the speaker’s name and ask them at the end of the talk what he/she talked about. Older kids can fill it all in by themselves. I can’t wait to see how my kids draw different speakers. :)

Next up is Conference Bingo. Now unlike a regular bingo where you would have multiple cards, this one has just one card, but the card has words that your child will listen for (they are written more than once on the card) so you can either play who can fill the line in first or for younger kids, 5 in a row, etc. You could also fill the card completely in. Use nuts, raisins, cereal, or small candies to mark the words heard.

Lastly is Color the Temple. I have 7 temples with their outlines, so your child can draw the defining features (or make their own) and color the temple in. I also have one blank page so your child can draw the temple that is closest to you!

I am so excited to see how you use these printables. (You could even use them for Sunday meetings to get your kiddos to listen). Each 6 months as general conference rolls around, I will be adding to these worksheets!  I will be posting my kids results on my INSTAGRAM page, where you can follow me and keep up with my family.

Download the games by clicking each of the links below!

general conference pack draw the speaker

general conference pack draw the speaker sister

general conference pack bingo

general conference pack temple coloring salt lake city

general conference pack temple coloring seattle

general conference pack temple coloring san diego

general conference pack temple coloring portland

general conference pack temple coloring las vegas

general conference pack temple coloring denver

general conference games bountiful

general conference pack temple coloring draw your own temple

Happy General Conference weekend.:)

Lunchbox Laughs- Easter Bunny edition {free printable}

It’s Lunchbox Laughs time again. Make your kiddos (or spouse) laugh with a little note in their lunch or bag and just in time for Easter.
Download the Easter Bunny Lunchbox Laughs by clicking on the link below!


I hope your week has been grand. I LOVE my life, imperfect as it is, and hope you can find a little sunshine in yours today too.

You can grab all versions of Lunchbox Laughs by clicking HERE.


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Keeping my littles safe with Levana Ovia PTZ Baby Monitor {giveaway}

As you all know, I have 5 little munchkins who rule my life from sun up (or even before) until they close their little eyes at night.  I really do love that they depend on me for everything! I am in constant awe at what they teach me, but I am also so grateful to live in a time where we have so many gadgets and tools to help keep them safe.  I was really excited to get to try out the Levana Ovia PTZ Baby Monitor and see how far these babies have come since I had my first boy..and all I can say is WOW! What a difference 10 years makes.

If you aren’t familiar with Levana, the mission of the company is best described in their tagline “Do more knowing your child is safe”. I LOVE this..a company whose main goal is safety for your child. It showed to me in the quality of the whole system and the great features that it has.

(a quick side note..the first time I opened the package, the cute little egg-shaped camera reminded me of Eve from Wall-e. Isn’t it SO cute and stylish?!)

Let me tell you some of my favorite features of the Ovia PTZ monitor system.

1-EASY setup. It was so easy to understand and get going right away.

2-I LOVE that you can recharge the whole system by simply plugging it in. No need for batteries.

3-The picture is really clear. I tried this out several times both at night and in the day and the picture was great. For all you techies..Levana is one of the first in the market to come out with a hi-res 4.3″ LCD screen.

4-I love that the camera rotates 270 degrees and also moves up and down so you can get the perfect angle of what you want to see.

5-The monitor part is super easy to use. It comes with an SD card for recording cute moments (say kids playing with their sibling, their cute coos, etc.) that you can download on your computer for safe keeping, or just watch over on the hand held monitor.

6- I love that you can carry the monitor around (up to 750 ft.) and the remote works GREAT! This allowed me to get my downstairs all cleaned up at night and not have to worry about not hearing my baby wake up.

7-It has 2 way communication with your baby. My kids LOVED trying this one out! :) If your baby needs a little comfort by just hearing your voice, you can talk and she will hear you! LOVED this.

There really was so much that I loved about the monitor, I think the only downfall I see is the price. I’ll admit it, I am definitely a person who is always on the lookout for good prices and it is a pretty pricey system, but I think to have it from the beginning of your kids to the end would make it really worth it. I really wish it would have been an option 10 years ago when my first was born!

Levana really has made a great I am happy to have in my home, if for nothing more than to give me a little peace of mind at night knowing my little babe is sleeping sound. The other features really are just great bonuses!  I really do feel so blessed to know when I look in my little girl’s crib and see her looking up at me, she really is depending on me for everything, and keeping her safe is one of the biggest.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Levana. The opinions and text are all mine.
I am so excited today that Levana is giving you a chance to try an Ovia PTZ Baby Monitor out! You can enter to win one below.  Good Luck.
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