Chilly Paper Tots- Summer Set {free printable}

“Bee’s they’ll buzz, kids will blow dandelion fuzz…” Can you hear it running through your head?! Oh, we are Frozen lovers at our house. We love to sing the songs and watch the movie and read the books and color the pages and…well, you get the idea!  I am here today with a fun activity set to keep your little busy like bees.

One of my favorite things to do is to make Paper Tots. What are they, you ask? They are sweet little 2 inch characters that I make for my kids to play with. They go through so many stages and it has been so fun to make them little characters of their favorite shows and see them interact with them. When I got done making this set, my daughter was so excited (and my sons were a little disappointed that she got them!) ;) and she hasn’t stopped playing with them since.

So with this set, you will get the umbrella beach chair, background and Summer Olaf:

The beach scene reminds me of so many fun summer days I have had at the beach.

So let’s make that chair:

After making the chair, simply cut Olaf out and glue him to a 1″x1″ block and you have an instant play set. This is going on road trips with us this summer. I got a plastic bin that my daughter will put everything in and

I hope your kiddos have SO much fun playing and imagining and singing “Summertime” till their faces turn blue!


To download the Summer set of the Chilly Paper Tots, click below:

Chilly Paper Tots- Chair (SUMMER) Olaf

Chilly Paper Tots- Umbrella (SUMMER) Olaf

chilly paper tots summer beach


If you want more Frozen fun, check out this set I have for you to see:

Chilly Paper Tot Ice Castle Set:

and if you have been looking for an Elsa dress…come and make one with me. I have a mini 3 part series to walk you through how to make it. Find it HERE.

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First and Last Day of School Photo Signs and Interviews for PRESCHOOL

Well, one thing that I can always count on when writing a blog is that you remind me when I have forgotten something! :)

A few weeks ago, I gave you out complete sets of Back to School photo cards and interviews for the first and last day of school, but I forgot PRESCHOOLERS! So for all your wee little munchkins who are starting preschool this fall, here are your cards for them:

To Download the Preschool Printables, click on the links below:

First and Last Day of Preschool Photo Signs

First Day of Preschool Interview

Last Day of Preschool Interview

For anyone who missed them. You can find the rest of the interviews by clicking HERE.

You can also find all of the photo signs for the rest of the school years by clicking HERE.

I hope the beginning of the school year has gone SO well for you!


14 Free Sets of Lunchbox Laughs and Notes! {Free download}

Oh my goodness! It is August!

I am so sorry for my lack of posting lately. I JUST MOVED! Whew. We closed on our new home on the 14th of July and then promptly had to renovate the entire house (well, most of it) as my daughter was super allergic to the cats the owner had before!  So we have been ripping out flooring, painting from floor through ceilings, moving, cleaning…well, you get the picture. We have one more vacation next week and then we will be back in business here on the blog. I have a few fun posts for you the next few weeks and then we will be starting FULL time into Fall!

Before the school year starts, I wanted to share all of these little notes in one place for easy navigation. Print these out and cut them out to put in your kid’s lunches, in their backpacks, books or on their pillows. Let them know you love them with a little note!

Lunchbox Laughs

Lunchbox Notes for Kids

Lunchbox Laughs

Lunchbox Notes for Teens

Halloween Lunchbox Laughs

Christmas Lunchbox Laughs

St. Patrick’s Lunchbox Laughs

Easter Lunchbox Laughs

Easter Lunchbox Laughs

Lunchbox Laughs

Lunchbox Laughs

Lunchbox Laughs

Valentine’s Lunchbox Laughs

Valentines Lunchbox Laughs

And that’s a wrap! I hope you enjoy giving these out as much as I enjoyed designing them.


I also hope you will join me over at A Little Tipsy this morning where I am sharing free School Notes..another perfect way to send a sweet note with your munchkin or a thank you to a teacher!

See you over there!

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