Christmas is a coming!

I am always amazed at how quickly the last 3 months of the year go. With 3 big holidays and 2 birthdays (on the same day!) this time of year flies!

Before we get into the new holiday prints that I will have coming out, I wanted to remind you of a few of the things I have in my shop now. I have seen an increase in sales for the Christmas items guys are ON TOP of it.  You make me want to go and get my shopping done early so I can enjoy the holidays with my fam!

Last year I made this BIG Christmas print:
You can find it here in sizes ranging from 8×10 up to 36×48! I even have Christmas Card Postcards you can buy and print yourself. Just think..your cards could be all ready to go on time this year!

 I also made a Printable Christmas Countdown House. My kids are so excited to get going on it again!

You can find the Christmas Countdown house HERE in all 3 editions to choose from!

Lastly, I also made a Printable Nativity Set .

It is the perfect way to teach your kids without having to worry about them breaking a nice creche that you might have. If they rip one of these…no big deal, just print again.

My kids have been getting ours out throughout the year to play with it. It is so fun to see it being used!

You can find the Nativity set HERE.

Seeing all of this gets me so excited for Christmas..(but don’t worry, Thanksgiving is still one of my favs too!) :)

NEXT week I will be debuting my new Christmas additions and having a pre-sale…you won’t want to miss it!

New Print // I can do hard things

There are so many things that are hard in this life.

Trials and hardships that we have to go through are often emotionally and physically hard. Working hard towards a goal is hard. LIFE CAN BE HARD! But there is something incredibly freeing about working through something hard that feels good. It feels good to push through and accomplish a goal. It feels good to face fears and doubt and end up at a higher place. There are so many lessons I learn from the “hard” things in life..and sometimes I just LOVE a good reminder to look at!

Today I am releasing a sweet little print..perfect to hang or give (or both!).  There is the “I can do hard things” version in 3 colors:

or the “We can do hard things” version in 3 colors! (As I know as a family we are learning each day to work through hard things)
These packs will be available immediately through my shop and will come in packs, meaning that each color will come with a 5×7, 8×10 and 11×14 size.

And to debut the prints, I am selling the packs for just $10, compared to the usual $15, so head on over right now and grab the color you want!

As a reminder, these are digital prints, so when you buy once, you can print over and over as many times as you would like! It’s a perfect thing to keep on file for when a friend or neighbor needs a little pick me up.

You can find these and a LOT more prints HERE in my shop!

Thanks for stopping by.

Stand Ye In Holy Places Wall Art

At the beginning of the year I was asked to design some wall art for our YW room at church and came up with this print for the 2013 Mutual theme:

Isn’t it so fun?! These would also be perfect to put in your teen’s room so they can remember and memorize the scripture. Chalkboard art is so in, and though these are colorful and a flat back, the idea is still the same.

You can find the new prints HERE.

Remember, as with all of my digital prints, you buy once and can print over and over!

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