Olympics 30 Day Challenge


Hi everyone, it’s Josh here from Redline Resistance and I am so excited because February, every four years means one thing…the Olympics are here!! What a cool event to experience every 2 years (between the Winter and Summer) and while I favor more sports in the Summer games, I love the stories, competitions and spirit of both versions of the Games. It is the one time every 2 years that I really mess up my sleep schedule as I stay up late to watch the primetime events.  Somehow, I even get into the figure skating competitions!  I love to see how these athletes perform under the immense pressure that the Games put on them as they have been training their whole lives for this one moment and if there is any sport where there is such a small margin of error between the Gold medal and 10th place, it is in Figure Skating where the athletes spin and jump and fly around on a razor blade strapped to their shoes. Another reason that I like the Winter Olympics is due to the timing of it.  If I have failed to adhere to my New Year’s resolutions, the Winter Olympics get me pumped up about my goals and inspired to be my best self and I find myself reasserting my resolve to be better.

With all that being said, if you find yourself in a situation in the next couple weeks while the Games go on and you don’t know where to start with your fitness related goals, get online and come join the “Resistance”. And no, the Resistance isn’t some politically charged rogue Russian front that is trying to stick it to Putin.  Instead, it refers to Redline Resistance, an online fitness site designed around home based workouts. It brings core cardio to you whoever you are, whether it is a traveling business person, a stay at home parent or a serious athlete looking to add a core fitness element to their regimen. In conjunction with the Olympics, we are starting an “Olympic” 30 day challenge where we will replicate training methods for several of the Olympic athletes. Stop by and check it out and have a great 2014 Sochi Olympic experience!

Are you looking forward to the Olympics? Which event is YOUR favorite?

She turned her CANT’S into CANS {free printable}

Hey everyone! A Saturday post? I know..total overachiever here. Ha! This week, I shared one of my goals for the year is to get into shape. I know I have introduced my brother before, but quickly wanted to introduce him again. Josh and his awesome wife Kristen are the owners of Redline Running Company and have recently started the blog Redline Resistance where they will be having daily workouts, inspiration, recipes and more to help everyone reach their fitness goals (whatever they may be). Josh and I will be collaborating a lot this year on some fun things, but wanted to get him on here to get you pumped up for your own fitness (or any kind) goals this year. Josh just recently took part in the World’s Toughest Mudder and had to overcome a lot of his own demons throughout the race (read about it HERE):

He knows what it is like to overcome hard things..so I am thrilled that he is starting a fun 30 day challenge segment on his blog on MONDAY. I will be playing along and hope you will join me! Here is Josh and HERE is a little freebie 5×7 that I whipped up for you too:

Happy 2014 everyone! I am so excited about the bright prospects that the beginning of a year brings with it.  Professionally, 2014 represents the 6th year since we started Redline Running Company and the 4th year since we have been going at it full-time. We try to guide the business by our own company slogan which is “Dare to Put Your Foot Down”.  Each year we have succeeded some and failed more, but we “dare” to keep going and have been able to learn from our mistakes and create, what I think, have been better products.

Did you add a little “dare” to your resolutions for 2014? If not, I challenge you to go back and think about daring to put your foot down in some aspect of your life.  We partner with a youth girls running organization called “Girls on the Run” to help them try and grow their influence and  I recently found a quote from them that has helped me in my New Year’s Resolution: “She turned her can’ts into   can’s and her dreams into plans.”

Here are some other quotes that have also helped me continue to “dare” to take hold of my life’s goals, turn them into plans, and eventually into realities:

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” – Anonymous

“Tomorrow is the first page of a blank 365 page book. Write a good one.”- Brad Paisley

“Many things aren’t equal, but everyone gets the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We make time for what we truly want.” – Anonymous

Two years ago, as we witnessed so many people accomplish the goal of finishing a running race, we felt like we wanted to be more involved in helping people accomplish those kinds of goals so we added a training arm to the company that focuses on health and fitness.  We started a group boot camp concept as well as a kid’s running program and this year we are morphing that into an online forum that will help more people obtain their fitness goals.

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to start your personal fitness revolution?   Were you successful in starting back up your running or swimming or bicycling or maybe even triathlon training in the past few weeks?   Good for you!  Or was one of your goals to just start working out, and you haven’t made it to the gym just quite yet?  Or have you been injury prone in the past and are frustrated with the momentum an injury tends to halt?  Well, the great thing about resistance training is that no matter what your ability, you can add a core cardio element to your fitness base and it will build your overall body strength and improve your individual sport performance.  It will even help build resistance to common injuries that plague us.

 Come visit us at www.redlineresistance.com and start a 3-week fitness Core Cardio challenge that begins on Monday, January 13th.  It’s totally free and it will strengthen you inside and out as you stick to the challenge and progress in whatever health state you are in.

5 Ways to Enjoy Running Throughout Your Whole Life

Running began as a simple gateway for confidence, solitude, and endorphins. Nobody in my circle of friends ran for just for the heck of it, for they didn’t have the desire or gumption. But I did—and it made me feel like a yellow tulip in a field of red roses.  At the time, I didn’t own a watch and had no real conception of what a PR or a “fast”, “decent” or “slow” pace was. In those early 2000 days, before the birth of Garmin running watches and high-tech Ipods, the only noises I associated with running were the tap-tap-tapping of my feet, my breath, and the birds surrounding the fence of the middle school track. I didn’t know how long a marathon was, much less a 5k, 10k, or half-marathon. 

I was an infant in a big running world—completely naïve of the infinite physiological, psychological, cultural, and historical components of the sport.  It was the dawn of a relationship between my hungry soul and the endless road.
Many people’s relationship with running begins similar to mine.  Primal, naïve, and beautiful.
Since the birth of this relationship with running, it can take on many meanings. For me in the beginning, it meant mean smaller jeans, a petite waist, and trim thighs. Over time, it transformed into something more—a quiet therapist during life’s rough patches. Later it was an ongoing battle for PR’s and social recognition. At other moments, it equated with a better relationship with my significant other; a means to help others; and a nice contribution to important causes like cancer.
Until recently, my relationship with running was firmly rooted in racing and performing well. It took a few rough lessons to realize that it was okay to re-define the relationship.  Once I did, my love for the sport was re-kindled.
There is a common thread among the runners psyche: confusion about the permeable meaning of running. While there is no existing literature about this topic, I am going to take a chance by saying you will run longer, faster, and happier by understanding that your relationship with running can and will change. 
Here are some meanings that you may allow running to take on at different points:
·         Solitude: At times, running needs to be a time for peace, quiet, and serenity. After a long day filled with deadlines and errands, it can serve as a wonderful mini-getaway. Don’t keep track of paces and times; simply listen to your body and allow it to move at whatever pace it desires.  Running may take on this particular role for weeks or months—and that’s okay. Running doesn’t always need to be hard-core. If you aren’t feeling the inner fire to push yourself, just retreat to the trails and run free and relaxed.   
·         Health: If you ever reach a point in your life where you have subpar health, run with the goal of achieving optimal health—be it weight loss, improved cardiovascular health, or muscular strength. Running is one of the fastest, cheapest, and convenient ways to maintain a healthy weight, and I would suggest it to anybody in this boat.

·         Achieving Personal Goals: Racing, competing, and achieving goals is one of the most amazing aspects of running. Everybody, at some point or another should sign up for a race, set a goal, and do everything they can to achieve it. Reversely, if you ever reach a point where racing is draining your more than filling you up—it may be time to shift your relationship with running from competitive to more relaxed.

·         Running for Others: If you’ve reached a personal plateau in the sport, you may consider taking up coaching or mentoring others. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing you guided another person to running and/or a healthier lifestyle. Perhaps a little outward focus is just the ingredient you need to kick-start your passion again.
·          Causes: There are an infinite number of causes to become involved with and support. Find a cause that you’re passionate about and log the miles in honor of it. Instead of running for health or a personal goal, it can be an amazing experience to run for a community and/or cause larger than yourself. 
Running is one of the most primal, natural activities that we, as humans, do. No matter why or how you run, the important thing is that you enjoy it. When one aspect of the sport becomes dull—don’t quit; just re-define the relationship.

-Redline Running Company

Why do you run? What meanings does running have in your life?

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