Olympics 30 Day Challenge


  Hi everyone, it's Josh here from Redline Resistance and I am so excited because February, every four years means one thing...the Olympics are here!! What a cool event to experience every 2 years (between the Winter and Summer) and while I favor more sports in the Summer games, I love the stories, competitions and spirit of both versions of the Games. It is the one time every 2 years that … [Read more...]

She turned her CANT’S into CANS {free printable}

can't into cans

Hey everyone! A Saturday post? I know..total overachiever here. Ha! This week, I shared one of my goals for the year is to get into shape. I know I have introduced my brother before, but quickly wanted to introduce him again. Josh and his awesome wife Kristen are the owners of Redline Running Company and have recently started the blog Redline Resistance where they will be having daily workouts, … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Enjoy Running Throughout Your Whole Life

Running began as a simple gateway for confidence, solitude, and endorphins. Nobody in my circle of friends ran for just for the heck of it, for they didn’t have the desire or gumption. But I did—and it made me feel like a yellow tulip in a field of red roses.  At the time, I didn’t own a watch and had no real conception of what a PR or a “fast”, “decent” or “slow” pace was. … [Read more...]

4 qualities for a quality training partner {fitness}

So, you’re a runner on the prowl for the perfect training partner? Seems pretty simple, right? While there are plenty of fish in the sea (or runners on the streets), there are several pitfalls you should avoid before delving into a full-blown running partnership. Chances are, these tips will save you a world of frustration, injury, or burnout. The Flake: Have you ever come across those people … [Read more...]

Change your Thoughts. Change your Body: 4 Ways to Improve Fitness with your Mind {fitness}

Lately I’ve been deviating from the typical exercise and fitness advice I usually offer. But it’s for an important reason! This week, I want to address one of the single most important elements of not only a fit, clean body; but also a fit, clean life: your thoughts.For some this may sound cliché, corny, or oversimplified; but your thoughts play the lead role in determining virtually every … [Read more...]