New Easter Printable Decor {new printables}

I am so excited to introduce my newest printable Easter collection. There are so many things I love about Easter, but I LOVE to keep the real reason of the season first and foremost in my mind and also my children’s minds. John 14:19 says that reason perfectly, “Because I live, ye shall also live”. It is the perfect thing to shout from your walls (so that is exactly what my walls are shouting right now!) :) In all the uncertainties of life, and I feel like I get reminded about them time after time lately, how grateful I am that the Lord’s promises are sure and this season, I love to celebrate His victory over death and sin and how that blesses my life each day.

As always, this new print will come in 6 color choices and 5 sizes from 8×10 all the way up to 36×48!

THIS WEEK ONLY you will have a chance to buy these at a great sale week they will go up to normal pricing!

For those that are new, welcome! My prints all come as a digital download that you will be emailed within 24 hours of purchase (many times in just a few).


I also have a printable garland set which will include printables to make a fun wreath and  2 sizes of 2 different garlands!


Included with the Garland printables will be a set that will include “Easter”:


and printables to make an Easter wreath (see above photo) or a sweet little garland!

Each garland comes in a big and small size. Below is an example of the small card (about 2″x3″)

I SO appreciate all of your support. Nothing brings a smile to my face more than seeing the photos I get back from my customers showing how they are using Kiki and Company prints in their home!

You can find ALL of my Easter printables HERE in my shop.

Happy Easter!

Kiki and Company Clearance Prints!

A few weeks ago, I was cleaning out my stash of supplies and came across a ton of prints that I had from when I did actual prints and shipped them to you! I was feeling a little overwhelmed until my husband suggested the best idea. My oldest boy Booker is such an entrepreneur! He is constantly looking for ways to earn money and save for fun things.  Right now, he is earning and saving money for his very own Ipad mini. We suggested getting a cheaper tablet, but he is determined! Well, we put two and two together and gave him the chance at earning some money by photographing, uploading , selling and packing these prints we found.  TODAY is my big boy’s birthday, so we thought it would be a perfect day to roll out:

Here is my 10 year old this morning. The kids at his school all dressed as someone from the country that each class studied about.

His class studied about England so he chose Prince William..his good friend across the street chose Kate Middleton and baby George, so we HAD to get a picture!

So 10 years old it is, today..and he’s kind of excited..can you tell?!

He is doing all the work on the site himself, being monitored by me, of course. Today, you will find all of the 5×7 prints up and I’m sure the 8×10, 11×14, and 18×24′s will follow VERY soon!

Come on over and keep the boy busy. You will find each of the 5×7′s for $5 right now (and that includes shipping!)

HUGE Black Friday and Cyber Monday SALE!

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE a good Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale. Especially the kind I can sit at my computer and shop. I am excited to announce a sale in my shop:

EVERY print is discounted…a lot up to 50%. So go shop Christmas decor and gifts in the same shop and feel good knowing you just saved a whole lot of money!

Wanna help me share the news?  Simply share or pin these images! Thank you a million times over!

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