Simple and Petite Felt Bow {free template}

After seeing cute bows like this everywhere online, but never finding any templates, I decided to make one in case you are having the same issues! These bows are quick and simple to make and adding a little alligator clip on back (or adding it to a headband) will make it a perfect gift option for a baby shower or to add to your little girls (or your) hair!

Here are some quick directions:

Step 1- Using template at end of post, cut out felt pieces.

Step 2- Using hot glue, dab a bit on the large piece corner (as shown) and secure in the middle. Do both sides.

Step 3- Take smaller piece and adhere to the opposite side of the bow with a dab of hot glue

Step 4- Take rectangle and add a dot of hot glue on the back of the bow. Adhere rectangle and then wrap around the front of the bow and finish off with a dot of hot glue to hold it down.

And that’s it! Make it in every color you can think of!

Grab the free template HERE.

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Halloween Countdown House {Free Download}

One of my kids favorite thing to do before each holiday is countdown. We countdown to Christmas, we countdown to Easter, we countdown to the last day of school (yep, that’s a holiday in our house!) we also of course, countdown to Halloween. This year I thought it would be fun to make a printable that we could actually use to spice it up a bit. That is where the Halloween Countdown House comes in. It’s the perfect piece of real estate to pick up…31 windows or doors, 31 Halloween related activities, 31 days of guaranteed fun and memories for your kids…for FREE!

I have it in 2 different forms, with a background and without to surely give you something you will love! I made mine without the background and it came out to being approx. 15″x15″.

But the real fun lies behind the windows and doors:

Let’s make the Halloween Countdown House.


free Halloween Countdown House downloads

foam core

x-acto knife

spray adhesive

quick dry glue


-cut out house and activities house

-using spray adhesive, spray the back of the activities house and adhere to foam core

-using x-acto knife (and make sure you are using a self-healing mat underneath), cut around the doors and windows on 3 sides (you do want them to open!)

-turn house over and using the quick dry glue, glue all over the house EXCEPT for where the doors and windows open (you DO want them to open!)

-cut out the house with the x-acto knife

-cut out a triangle shape and score about 2 inches from top. glue that small top to the back to make a stand for the house. see pic:

YOU ARE DONE! Now go and make some memories with your family!

You can choose to download any or all of these. 16×20 prints can be printed at Costco for $5.99. Just make sure when you upload to click the Do Not Auto Correct button before sending it in!

Get the free Halloween Countdown House HERE.

You can also pick up the 31 activities from the countdown HERE.

A lot of people have asked what the stars on the countdown chart are for? Well, it just so happens I designed printables for the 9 activities that are starred!

There are 10 pages of printables to make this countdown fun and EASY to put together.

And to add in LAST YEAR’s 15 pages of printables which include to-do lists, another banner, more class treat bag toppers, dessert tags, cards, a print, and some really cute bats (if I do say so myself!). If you buy both sets together, it is just $5!

You can purchase by simply clicking the “buy now” button below and files will be sent to you within 24 hours!

Halloween Downloadable Packs

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Simple Bandana Skirt {Tutorial}

A few weeks ago, I participated in a really fun event called Skirting the Issue over at Simple Simon and Co. They were gathering skirt donations to give to the foster care system for young girls and did a whole months event on different skirts.  I came up with a simple skirt made from bandanas and wanted to share it here as well!


As I was brainstorming what kind of skirt to come up with there was one consideration to make…I am bound and determined to use up my fabric stash I have overflowing in my room, so when I looked around the room for some inspiration, I found these:

Yep, just 2 simple bandanas and a little extra fabric and elastic and you have yourself a cute and breezy skirt perfect for the hot, hot summers we experience here in Las Vegas.

To start off, get 2 matching bandanas and lay them flat. Cut each bandana in half. Sew the sides together and finish the top with a serger or zig zag stitch. Place one of the pieces inside the other (I put both pieces with the writing that is often found on bandanas on the inside of the skirt.) and sew the tops together.

Now it is time for the waist piece:

Using THIS guide, figure out what size you will need the waist to be and add 2 inches.  I used 1 1/2″ elastic, so I cut a piece of fabric that was 3 1/2″ thick and made a tube by sewing the sides together and flipping it right side out. Nex,t I took a 6″ piece of elastic and thread it through the tube to the middle of the tube. I sewed the elastic down on one side (see pic.) Next, I gathered fabric over the elastic and then sewed down the other side.  This formed the waistband when I cut the strip (which now included the elastic) to the size I needed. Sew the pieces together.  Lastly, take the waistband and pin it to the bandana skirt part by pinning the four sides and then simply gathering the material in and pinning to create even gathers. Sew around the waistband.

To finish off the skirt, I added a simple flower to the front with a pin. It gave it just a little sass and will be easy to take off and on according to the outfit!

I really enjoyed working with the bandana because all of the sides were already finished. It made putting this together super simple and quick, which is fun because then you can make a lot in a little amount of time! I also love how many funky patterns you can find!

Good luck making your own simple bandana skirt!

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