Easy Valentine Robots

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My kids and I wanted to do a project for Valentine’s Day together…and I think I found it!

Make cute and EASY Valentines robots with them!

To make you will need:


Boxes of Conversation Hearts


Candy Eyes

Hot glue

When making these with a kid, you can even use a quick dry glue (if they insist on gluing as well). Simply add glue to the Starbursts and make 2 eyes. Add 4 Starbursts to the bottom for feet. 2 Smarties make the arms and glue the candy eyes on the Starbursts to finish them off.

This activity is super fast…and what kid wouldn’t LOVE to recieve one of these?!

Come back tomorrow for a  free Robot inspired Valentine!

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10 Responses to “Easy Valentine Robots”

  1. Carole Moore

    How cute are these!!! Where did you find the candy eyes?

    • admin

      hi carole, i found them at walmart, they are wilton brand, so i think they would carry them at michaels too! thanks!

  2. jenny

    So they can’t eat the eyes then since they ahve to be glued, correct? I know it’s stupid

    • admin

      hi jenny, yes, i did glue these, but you could use a royal icing if you wanted to make them edible as well!:) thanks.

  3. kim d

    how sturdy are they? glue used? my son does not understand gentle :)

  4. Sky

    I made the with my boys yesterday and more on my own to give to my primary class today. They all LOVED them- this project was such a huge hit! Super cute idea- thank you for sharing! Hope you have a great week! :)

  5. Theresa

    Would Glue Dots work to put them together?

    • Kiki Comin

      I think those would work just fine. I just haven’t tried it so I can’t be for sure! Good luck. ;)

  6. Sharon

    I’m the mom in charge of my son’s 3rd grade class Valentines party. Can I use regular glue for the entire project?


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