Happy Moments {Giveaway}

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There have been moments in my blogging that I wonder why I do it every day. I started out about 3 years ago so naive as to how much time and effort it takes to stay up on the every day to-do lists to upkeep a blog and run a small business while keeping your 4 kids and husband your #1 priority.  There are days when the blog has suffered. There are days that I have not been the mom I’ve always wanted to be, but for the most part, I have figured out the constant balancing issue (or just realizing that I will always be a juggler with 10 balls in the air at the same time).:)  BUT I’ve also had some really fun and memorable times. I’ve made some amazing friendships and met REALLY amazing people and that has made this fun journey worth it.  I checked one of my download sites the other day and saw that I have given away 200,000 free downloads! It makes me so happy to know that people have responded to my prints and have them in their home.  Nothing makes me happier than getting an email with a picture of how you are using the prints in YOUR home. (hint, hint):) So speaking of happy moments…a few months ago, I was contacted by Parenting magazine because they wanted to feature one of my prints in their magazine. I was thrilled and have waited patiently until now to tell you about it! I ran into the store yesterday to see if the magazine had come in:

and pinched myself when I opened to page 34:

There it is!

It made my day yesterday..and my 9 year old keeps grabbing the magazine and flipping through it to see the print.  It really is fun to see hard work pay off.:)

I also have some other exciting news that I will share in detail next week. My baby books (well, the proofs) came in the other day and they look AMAZING! I have a few tweeks to make, but overall, I am thrilled and cannot wait to put them up for sale when they are complete!

And mostly today, just wanted to say thank you to YOU! You are those commenters that make me feel so happy each day. You are the ones who purchase my prints and help to fund this journey. You are the emails I get and the encouragement I recieve that make those rough days bearable and these happy days worth it!

To make this day even better, I want to make 2 of you happy by giving out 2- $50 gift certificates to my digital shop. (That can get you quite a few prints!)

We will make it simple with Rafflecopter. Follow the instructions below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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66 Responses to “Happy Moments {Giveaway}”

  1. Melinda

    Wow, that is so amazing! I am soooooo proud of you! I am going to get a copy right away to show the boys what their aunt did. This is big stuff!

    • admin

      you are so sweet, melinda. xoxo

  2. Darla S.

    My most recent happy moment was definitely my daughter’s wedding last Saturday!

    • admin

      how sweet! i know those happy moments with my littles will come too fast!:)

  3. Debra G

    Great website and products! Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for life!

    • admin

      thank you.:) so sweet.

  4. Debra G

    My grandson has “happy feet” that dance when he greets me. Recently he ran right passed me to greet my husband – happy to witness his feet happy for such a special person in my life.

  5. Christa

    My oldest told me she wanted to be a mom just like me someday! Hearing that makes all of those rough mommy moments worth it!

    • admin

      ha! oh, how i hope mine will say the same someday.:)

  6. Chelsea S

    A recent happy moment… I got asked to do crafts for Girl’s Camp and happily discovered some great Kiki create ideas that will be great to use! So excited! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

    • admin

      that is awesome!:) we have more fun ones coming up soon. i LOVE girls camp.:)

  7. kristi

    I was just flipping through the magazine last night and noticed your print. What an awesome accomplishment. Continued blessings.

    • admin

      how funny! thanks so much.:)

  8. Liv Clark

    I’m not on Pinterest or Twitter, otherwise I’d definitely be sharing the love there too, but massive congrats to you on the mag! And thank you so much for your printables, my little boy is only just 2 but I can’t wait to start using the lunchbox love cards as soon as he starts school. I’ve also downloaded and saved a few other prints for future use – I just love them!

    • admin

      thanks so much. there will be plenty more to come.:)

  9. Liv Clark

    Oh, and my recent happy moment was seeing two beautiful friends of ours get married last weekend, and have the privilege of making the wedding cake! With 9 kids between them, they make an incredible family!

    • admin

      9 kids?! wow. that is amazing. thanks for sharing.:)

  10. Jaime

    My littlest pulled up today all by herself!!!

    • admin

      don’t you LOVE that! mine are always so much happier when they get mobile.:)

  11. karina

    Awesome prints Kiki!!! You are soooo creative!!

    • admin

      thanks for always being a cheerleader, karina!:)xoxo

  12. Christian Charlesworth

    Congrats on your print being published!! I love it!! My happy moment lately is my daughter starting to say two to three words together. She has down syndrome and is from China so its been great to be able to understand her more! And for her to be able to communicate more!! She’s such a blessing!

    • admin

      oh my goodness, how sweet. :) she sounds amazing.

  13. Sadie

    My little girl turned 2! She is getting so big!!!

    • admin

      i LOVE 2 year olds. So much fun and sassiness wrapped up in a little ball!:)

  14. Kori

    I saw that in the magazine today (before I saw on fb) awesome! A happy moment… Snuggling with my little guy!

    • admin

      So fun! enjoy your snuggles.:)

  15. Wendy Orme

    Sleeping in this morning made me pretty happy! Congratulations!

    • admin

      thanks! i’d love a good sleep in too!:)

  16. Anna

    What an awesome post. I was going to comment, even before I saw the giveaway. Haha. But I love all you do and am so glad you are you!!!

  17. Rachel

    My recent happy moment was finding out we have a baby on the way!!

    • admin

      YAY! that is so exciting. congrats!:)

  18. Angela

    WoW! So fun to see your own stuff published! Way to go!

    • admin

      thanks, angie.:)

  19. Cassie Hahl

    My happy moments are when the kids are getting along and LAUGHING! Nothing better.

    • admin

      oh cassie, you have it so right! i LOVE those sweet (sometimes fleeting) moments.:)

  20. Jennifer McEachern

    That’s so wonderful Kiki! One of my happiest moments is knowing that everyone is healthy – it’s really such a blessing and something I’m thankful everyday.

    • admin

      So true! I always count that a huge blessing (and rare occurence when we are ALL healthy!):)

  21. gina

    Wow -congrats on being in the magazine – thats awesome!
    My happy moment – when my 4 yr old son told me this weekend that for my birthday he was going to hug and kiss me all day – I told him that would be the BEST birthday ever!

    • admin

      best birthday present ever! thanks so much for sharing.:)

  22. Shaz

    Wonderful designs! I am loving the colours and the selection. I am so inspired by you shop.
    Keep up the great work.

    • admin

      thanks so much!

  23. Shannon

    As someone who has downloaded and used many of your prints…Thanks for all you do!

    • admin

      thanks, shannon.:)

  24. colleen from alabama

    Sunshine, after LOTS of rain… during Spring Break! :) Happy, happy, happy!

    • admin

      SO funny…I just had this conversation with my mom, who lives in Seattle. :) Happy Spring to you!:)

  25. Kelly Boxdorfer

    Thank you for the original art pieces that really speak to me and are kid friendly and enjoyable to me as an adult. I recently found out I was pregnant with my first child and look forward to accessorizing the nursery with some of your things!

    • admin

      SO fun, kelly….I even have some new baby prints up and coming VERY soon.:)

  26. Carolyn S

    My recent happy moment is happening now as I type…my one month old little girl is sleeping peacefully in my arms.

    • admin

      ooh, enjoy those sweet moments! thanks for sharing.:)

  27. SaraAnne Greenwell

    I love your stuff. My happy moments are when my girls are excited over something I have done for them. I also have happy moments when my plants start to grow. Spring!

    • admin

      I LOVE spring. and I always love when my kids get excited over things I do for them too…definitely makes the time SO worth it.:)

  28. Ashlie

    Lately I feel like my whole life is a happy moment (most of the time). Sure my house isn’t always as clean as I’d like it to be, sometimes neither are my children. We all have our moments, but we are blessed and happy!

    • admin

      So sweet. It is ALWAYS the best when we can look at our life, in any circumstances and see how blessed we are!:) Thanks so much for sharing.

  29. Rachel

    Congratulations! I really love your work and have had at least one or two of your prints in my home at any given time since I found you! Thanks for all your hard work and the inspiration you are to so many!

    • admin

      Thanks, Rachel! That just made my day.:)

  30. Anne Marie

    Congrats to you – my happy moment was finding out that I will have a grandson this summer!

    • admin

      oh, congrats! that is SO exciting.:)

  31. Allison Burke

    Wow – just stumbled upon your site today–you literally have some of the most amazing creations I have seen!!!!! The clock, the wreath, the prints – keep up the amazingly creative (and beautiful) work. I am now a follower!

    • admin

      Thanks so much, Allison! So sweet of you…come back often.:)

  32. Brooke Slaughter

    I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these baby books! I can’t find anything any cuter. Any idea when they will be for sale?

    • admin

      SO soon, brooke. (like within the month!)

      • Brooke

        How exciting!! What is the fastest way to find out the minute they go on sale, and where to purchase

  33. Brooke Slaughter

    Any updates on the release of the baby books? Thanks :))

    • admin

      hey brooke..i have them ordered and they are on their way! i will be releasing them in the next few weeks with baby week coming up. SUPER excited to show you them. :)

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