Mother’s Day gift ideas and giveaway!

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So excited to show you just a few things today.  Remember yesterday I introduced you to Simple Serendipity?  Well, Sara, from Simple Serendipity sent  a necklace to giveaway today.  I thought I would show a fun way to package it up to make it even more special!
Isn’t it pretty? And remember only $5!  You can find the necklace HERE.
This is the necklace you can win! (See below for details.)  Below I have two sheets of tags for you to download and print to help wrap up whatever gift you decide to give your mom!
I made a sweet pocket out of the two blue tags, gluing the bottom half so the necklace could sit in the middle without being seen!  I packaged it all in a homemade envelope made from clear vinyl…after all…the necklace is so pretty, I wanted to show it off!  I added a few more of the little tags to the envelope and closed it all with a little pretty paper tape.  The envelope can be made by cutting a piece of vinyl 4″x11″. I sewed the envelope at 4″x4″ and then had a 3″ hangover that I cut into an envelope flap.  Isn’t it sweet!
The second idea I have for a present is a fun little print for your let her know just how special she is!
Decide which color or colors you would like and then go HERE to download it!  Then, because this is FREE..try to remember all the sweet ladies who have been a “mom” in your life..print it off and give it to them to brighten their day a little!
Here is the sweet little print I printed out..and wrapped in ribbons. I added a quick tag to the top..and it is ready to go! Simple and quick.
Here are the tags to download. Click on them, then right click and save or print!

and lastly, let’s do the Simple Spring Nest Necklace giveaway!
To enter you must:
1-be a follower of Kiki Creates and “like” me on facebook (both are on the sidebar)
2-head over to Simple Serendipity and click the “like” button on the left hand sidebar
to get an extra entry:
3-blog, tweet, post about this giveaway
4-go and add Simple Serendipity to your favorites on etsy (you do this from her will also be on the left hand column..under Actions)
That is 4 entries you can have for a sweet little necklace. I will also send you the necklace packaged up in the clear envelope, so it will be ready to give…or keep for yourself!
The giveaway will end on Monday, May 2..and will ship the next day! 
Whew..that was a long one!  Good luck.  and thanks for stopping by!
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    I'd like to win this for my mother-in-law. I lost my mom 11 years ago so I'd like to win it for her!

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