21 Fun Filled Activities to Beat the Heat {Fun in the Sun Recap}

July flew by for me.  I took off to Seattle for a reprieve from the heat and now all of a sudden August is halfway over and I am finally getting to recap the awesome event that took place right here, Fun in the Sun. I can’t thank the guest posters enough for bringing so many fun ideas to the blog to help us all survive the summer heat! Weren’t they all so amazing.  Today I compiled all of the projects to make it easier to get to them all in one click.  Don’t forget to pin it so you will remember it!



Summer Sponge Bombs, Edible Playdough, Angry Bird Cupcakes, CitiBloc fun, Peg Doll Self- Portraits

Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream, Painting with water,  Craft Stick Puppets, Printable Car Games, At the Car Wash Play Table

Growing Butterflies, Edible Playdough with homemade dye, Homemade Fudgesicles, Silly Straw Crafting, Missoni Nails, Bubble Painting

Healthy and Fun food, Olympics Mad Libs, Olympic shoes, Modeling Clay Scenes, Easy Lemon Pie Squares 

Modeling Clay Scenes {Fun in the Sun}


One of my favorite things to do with my kids is to find something nice and cheap and just sit and create with them. When in Hobby Lobby one day, I found some uber cheap modeling clay ($1.99 for 24 colors)..we came home, sat at the table and each of them sat for 1 1/2 hours creating little scenes. 1 1/2 hours! They were completely happy..and what they came up was even better.

My 6 year old really wanted to make a squirrel and his tree, his nut and just kept adding to his scene (that is a mouse with his cheese):

Cute, right?!

My 8 year old wanted to make a large red bird with her nest and eggs (I love the black moutain silhouette in the background..he really thought of everything!):

and lastly, I found my 3 year olds interpretation of an ocean fascinating (she spent so long picking just the right colors and had to place them in just the right places..i think it is gorgeous!):

I loved the cleanup..I find modeling clay to be much better than play-dough because it binds better (so you don’t have the little tiny pieces everywhere!) This was such a fun and spontaneous activity…perfect for any day where you are looking to have some fun OUT of the sun!


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Bubble Painting with A Little Gray {Fun in the Sun}

Today’s guest I also know from participating in Project Run and Play. Jessica from A Little Gray is here with a fun idea to keep your kiddos busy! She is an expert designer, seamstress, quilter and more…(and yes, she IS the one who cleaned up in the finals of Project Run and Play):)..I am so excited to have her here today. Here is Jessica:

This activity is always a hit with kids. Bubbles AND painting? What more could a mess-making kid ask for? It can be splattery, so we do it on the porch, but a covered table or kitchen floor would work too. This is not originally my idea of course, probably a preschool classic!


Gather Supplies: You need tempera paint, a cup for each color, straws, paper and dish soap. Oh, and some paper towels on hand for messes.

Mix Bubble Paint: Start out with a little water in the bottom of the cup, 1/2 inch or so. Then add a squirt of paint, and just a little soap. Mix up with a straw. Be careful not to add too much soap, or the bubbles won’t get high enough.


Blow Bubbles: Blow and blow and blow! Keep the straw completely submerged, and be careful not to suck up. You will get some cheek splatters!

When you have a nice dome of bubbles above the top of the cup, remove the straw and stick your paper right on top. Repeat until you are happy with your masterpiece!

As you can see, my buddy Ryan was partial to the red. He’s a master of monotone :) Have fun making messy art, and thanks so much for having me Kiki!

Thank YOU so much, Jessica. My kids will have a ball with this one…they love a good messy activity  (and they love paint, as well). Now run on over and check out A Little Gray and some of my favorite projects of Jessica’s:

Make a Double Potholder, Make a Simple Summer Shirt, I ADORE this sweet blanket! 

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