Flamingo and Flowers Baby Shower

Flamingo and Flowers Baby Shower

Welcome to Baby Week on Kiki and Company. I hope you will come back each day this week as I share all kinds of baby posts including showers, printables and must haves for those sweet little munchkins that come into our lives! I'm excited to show you a new baby shower I adapted from an earlier one I designed with some really fun and trendy pieces! When I asked on Instagram last week what showers … [Read more...]

DIY Heating and Cooling Pad {tutorial and free printable}

DIY Heating and Cooling Pad at kiki and company. Perfect neighbor gift

It's December 1st! WOW...I am so excited for Christmas. One of my favorite things is to think of fun things to give my neighbors, teachers and friends in my life. A few years ago, a sweet girl came knocking at our door and gave us one of these and it was an instant hit and continues to be a big hit in my family! Today we will be making a super simple DIY Heating and Cooling … [Read more...]

DIY Red Winter Wreath {Holiday Tutorial}

DIY Red Winter Wreath at kiki and company #cricutexplore LOVE this!

*This post does include affiliate links, I may or may not make commission off of these links but all opinions are 100% mine and are 100% honest* Well, it's time again for another project in the Cricut Design Space Star Contest. This month we are all sharing ideas for Holiday Crafts and Gear. Check back today as I share some ideas I came up with.   Our team's theme for the month was … [Read more...]

Foxes and Flowers Baby Shower

fox and flowers baby shower by kiki and company. LOVE these printables!

There are some things that I love to do more than others. One of them is throw baby showers for my friends. I don't care if a person has 1 kid or 10 kids, I really think every single baby should be celebrated...and the mom too, afterall, she is the one stretching her body all out  sacrificing  so much to bring that baby into the world! :) I have a sister right now who is expecting her third … [Read more...]

Box o’ Blooms


One of my favorite things to do when giving a baby gift is to make something. I don't usually make my whole gift, but I love to put little things within the gift that are handmade because I feel like I am giving something of myself to my friend and their baby.  Here is a fun idea. Have you ever thought about using egg cartons as a gift wrap? I think I first saw this on eighteen25 awhile ago..they … [Read more...]