The Best Family Home Evening Ever

The picture caption read, “Elder Boyd K. Packer and his wife, Donna, hold family home evening in 1970.”  (If you aren’t Mormon, Family Home Evening means a family time in which we usually learn about God, sing and pray.)  All of the air came out of me.  I drooped. … Read more »

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This week in Vegas…

This post is sponsored by Banana Boat®, however, as always, the opinions are 100% mine. Oh my goodness, friends. This week has been HOT! We have steadily hit 108 about 4 days and then today was 113. Tonight I was looking at the temps for next week and… Read more »

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Summertime Activity House

Last week I was so giddy as my kids headed off for their last day of school. I LOVE having them home and playing with them and making fun memories with them. And summer is the perfect time to do it! I am SO excited to share with… Read more »

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