Comic Book Makeup {tutorial}

  halloween is here! i am so excited to be bringing you costume makeup tutorials this month. i love doing these tutorials even though my costume makeup skills are nil. hopefully these tutorials will give spark some ideas for your own costume or give you a push in… Read more »

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Simple Bandana Skirt {Tutorial}

A few weeks ago, I participated in a really fun event called Skirting the Issue over at Simple Simon and Co. They were gathering skirt donations to give to the foster care system for young girls and did a whole months event on different skirts.  I came up… Read more »

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Bubble Painting with A Little Gray {Fun in the Sun}

Today’s guest I also know from participating in Project Run and Play. Jessica from A Little Gray is here with a fun idea to keep your kiddos busy! She is an expert designer, seamstress, quilter and more…(and yes, she IS the one who cleaned up in the finals of Project Run and Play):)..I am so excited to… Read more »

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Angry Bird Cupcakes {Fun in the Sun}

First of all, Happy 4th of July. I hope you are having a great time celebrating with your family and remembering those sweet freedoms we enjoy! Thanks for stopping by today for another fun idea during this Fun in the Sun event! I don’t know about you, but I have… Read more »

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Easy Everyday Hair Tutorial

here’s a quick tutorial for my everyday, easy, takes-30-seconds hairstyle. before i show you how simple it is, i want to give some quick love to Pureology haircare.  the Colour Stylist Shampoo and Precious Oil are currently two of my favorite haircare products. i use the Precious Oil… Read more »

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DIY Saddle Shoes {Tutorial}

As you know one of my favorite things about making outfits for my kids are in the details. When I made this Knickers and Roses outfit for Project Run and Play, I knew I wanted it to be a modern, vintage spin on a golf outfit. I didn’t want to go out… Read more »

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