White Ruffles- Project Run and Play {Free Download}

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Welcome to another week of Project Run and Play! I am so happy to have you here at my new site and hope you will take a minute to look around!  This week I was so excited when I found out we would be celebrating Earth day with an upcycling/recycling/green week.  Going into this week, the only restriction I gave myself was not to spend a penny on fabric. And I didn’t!

So where was this outfit inspired from?

My Knock Off Urban Outfitters duvet cover was cut up and I made her jacket, shirt and shoes from it! The best part was not having to ruffle ANY of those ruffles!

I could not be more pleased with how the pieces turned out. The jacket is perfect for spring…sturdy, but light and having it be all white is so fun as it goes with so many things! I love the elbow length sleeves and the ruffle at the bottom of them. I know you might thing white is a horrible color for a child, but I can’t tell you how nice it is to be able to just toss it in the washing machine with some bleach and have it come out pristine!

I love the assymetrical look when it comes to coats and sewing a ruffle all the way around the bottom of the jacket finished it off.

This shirt was actually going to be a skirt until I sewed it into a shirt! The green trim came from an older shirt of mine and the ruffling around the neck was super easy, but I think it added just the perfect touch to the shirt.

I added a green zig-zag stitch on the front ruffles to give them just a little pop of color.

The jeans were fashioned from some older Maternity pants of mine and they fit her so great..in fact, they are now my favorite jeans to put her in.

Lastly, I added some ruffles to her shoes and made a big blossom hair accesory to go in her hair. So fun, right?!

And that is a wrap on this week’s outfit that cost me a grand total of $0. That has to be my favorite part of upcycling!

all photography by Sweet as Honey Photography.

I would appreciate your vote over at Project Run and Play. Voting is open until Sunday evening. Thanks!


As always, here is your free paper doll outfit for the week. You can find it HERE.

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29 Responses to “White Ruffles- Project Run and Play {Free Download}”

  1. heather

    Holy freaking beautiful! I love love love this look! And the bright green with the white makes me drool. Sorry… too much information? :) Uh-maze-ing.

    • admin

      Thanks, heather!

    • admin

      Thanks, kristen. I will be doing my favorite looks from this season of Project Run and Play in a few weeks.:)

      • Jessica

        wait, as in you are going to make some from the other designer’s looks? I would be your best friend if you made one of mine! So cool!

        • admin

          absolutely, jessica! i just don’t have enough time in my week to do it during the contest..(i know you totally understand!):)

  2. Melissa

    I love the neckline ruffles on both pieces. And could your girl be any cuter?

    • admin

      thanks, melly. she really makes me smile everyday!:)

  3. Diana Meredith


    This is a gorgeous outfit…but I cannot believe you cut up that amazing duvet! Was that hard, or were you read to see it go? Haha, nice work though. The outfit turned out great.

    • admin

      Thanks, Diana! Funny enough, I just cut right into it and never looked back..I guess knowing that I could whip up another if I really wanted to helped out! Thanks for stopping by.:)

  4. Kristie

    I love it!! Already voted! Darling model!

    • admin

      Thanks, Kristie.:)

  5. Ashley @ Cherishedbliss

    Just saw this over at Project Run and Play and I just LOVE it!! I love the green accent on the shirt! : ) You got my vote ; )

    • admin

      Thanks, Ashley! You are so sweet.

      p.s. i LOVE that flower you just made on your blog…I canot believe you are getting ready for a party in JUNE…you are AMAZING.:)

    • admin

      thanks, rachel!

  6. Chelise Patterson

    You can never go wrong with ruffles! And I too love a little girl in white. Great job again!

    • admin

      thanks, chelise..you too!:)

  7. Jessica

    Love the green you added on the shirt, and the shape of the jacket is awesome. Your girl looks angelic in the white!

    • admin

      thanks, jessica.:)

  8. Emily

    Such a beautiful outfit! I love little girls in white! The pictures are totally frame worthy. :) PS Can’t believe you cut up your duvet cover!

    • admin

      thanks, emily. i just saw your cute little snow white dress…my daughter would die! i love it!:)

  9. Caroline

    Gorgeous! I love the ruffles, photography… the overall look!

  10. kristin

    this is so sweet! i especially love that pop of green with the white – it’s really fresh and nice.

  11. Danielle

    Okay your jacket and top are DARLING but didn’t it kill you to cut up your Duvet cover? It was so cute too! Gosh good job! What a darling little girl.

    Also, your fox outfit the first week knocked my socks off! I LOVED it. So stinking cute, and it was so balanced in terms of colors and shapes and scale. Just good good design and so original! Loved it.

    • admin

      Thanks, Danielle. Haha, honestly, it didn’t hurt too much to cut it up..in fact, knowing I wouldn’t have to ruffle forever, made it pretty nice!:) Thanks for your sweet compliments.

  12. Grace

    where did you get the duvet cover from!? dying to know!


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