Little Cake Banners {easy project}

One of my favorite things to do is to take treats to others. I LOVE baking, but don’t LOVE having it all in my house. A few weeks ago, I needed a sweet little treat to say thank you to some ladies and this is what I came up with:

How sweet are those?! I baked the cake in little paper bundt pans from World Market (similar to this). Then I took some of my favorite little papers and made little banners by cutting little shapes.

I glued them to embroidery floss and tied those to cute little patterned straws with beads glued to the end.

After quickly piping some chocolate buttercream on them and placing some sprinkles on them, I placed the straws in the cake and they were ready to go.

Simple treats made a little sweeter with some Cake Banners.

Hope you find something special to try it on. 🙂

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