tips and tricks (headband tutorials)

So instead of a full on tutorial..because there ARE 4 headbands..I'd thought I would instead give you some tips and tricks to making these headbands. Remember you can still win one of these by going over to BLUSHING BASICS!We will start out with this Braided Silver Sequined Headband.To make this..or something similar..I just took 3 pieces of a silver material and attached the sequins (these … [Read more...]

Christmas Cookies!

I had SO much fun decorating cookies for my son's class last night. I seriously could do this for a living, folks..oh, if I didn't have 3 angels running around my feet, a house to manage..and a husband to keep happy!:)  I am so addicted to using royal icing with this sugar cookie recipe...they compliment each other perfectly..and sometimes I like a little crunch on top of a soft cookie! And I … [Read more...]

want a chance to win?

One of my good friends is a fashion and makeup guru.  She's Kristie from Blushing Basics. Not only is she herself gorgeous and has a personality to match it, but she helps others feel the same as well. If you haven't you MUST check out her site.Anyways, awhile ago we were discussing some ways we could work together, and this is what we came up with. I made 4 new headbands..all using a … [Read more...]


GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED. LOOK HERE IN MY SHOP FOR THE $2 CHRISTMAS PRINT!A little while ago I was brainstorming for some ideas on how to sell more prints.  I thought and thought and then had an idea.  A lot of the cost of print is in the mailing. It costs money to package them up and make sure they will not be ruined in the mail.  I know the prints I send off are great and a high … [Read more...]

a dora birthday.

My youngest just turned 2.And she LOVES Dora.She loves Backpack, and after looking at the ones in the store and online..I decided to save some money and make my own.And I love how they turned out!  It was fun to personalize it to her taste and it was actually just really fun to figure the whole thing out as well!:)Backpack was made from fleece and felt. Map was made from muslin and … [Read more...]