A Ruffled Knock Off!

Are there two things I love more? I think not! Ruffles and Knock Offs in the same project...so fun!If you are here from See Kate Sew, welcome! Make yourself at home and grab a seat by becoming a follower right over on the sidebar!  I am so excited about today's project. First though, I must tell you how much I am enjoying this ruffle event. When Kate told me she was doing it and asked if I … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day gift ideas and giveaway!

So excited to show you just a few things today.  Remember yesterday I introduced you to Simple Serendipity?  Well, Sara, from Simple Serendipity sent  a necklace to giveaway today.  I thought I would show a fun way to package it up to make it even more special!Isn't it pretty? And remember only $5!  You can find the necklace HERE.This is the necklace you can win! (See … [Read more...]

a few of my favorite things

just a few of my favorite things for a lovely Thursday:a little lemon-coconut cupcake:if you love LEMON and you love COCUNUT. I promise, you would love this too!Have you heard of Simple Serendipity? It is one of my favorite finds on Etsy!It's a sweet little store  that has nothing over $5 in the shop! Sara has some lovely things, but two of my favs right now..with Mother's Day right around … [Read more...]

a few things on my plate!

Have you ever looked at your to-do list for the day and thought..wow, how on earth am I going to get all of this done? Today, I am telling myself that I will cross every little item off my list..maybe because tomorrow's is sort of long too!:) SO today I will:Get my craft party planned and put together for tonight!(I have already started, just need to do a few extra things.)Finish up a guest post … [Read more...]

vintage rose wrap knock-off belt

Here is the post I had over at Kojo Designs last week, just in case you missed it.  I also ended up using one of these in my little girls Easter dress!  They are so easy, fun and QUICK to make! Have I ever told you that I love a good knock-off?! Let me tell you why. #1-I AM CHEAP!  and  #2-My parents nailed it into my head A LONG TIME AGO that I could do … [Read more...]