Did you know it was mine?

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Ahhh! What a fun week.  It has been SO busy, but so fun. If you are new to kiki creates..welcome! Feel free to browse around and stay awhile!

First off let me just say how WOWED I was by all of the entries. There were all so incredibly beautiful and creative and certainly took a lot of time to make..so great job girls!  Second…THANK YOU for voting for my project!  It was certainly a work of love..can’t thank you enough.:)

Wow..what a whirlwind makeover.

Take a look at the pictures..enjoy some of the details, and then if you have ANY questions or want to see a tutorial of something, let me know in the comments!

 A quick reminder of the money breakdown..I did all 4 big projects for just under $70:
 I was completely inspired by a duvet cover I saw at Urban Outfitters that rang in at $198. Not in my budget, but a $28 sheet set and $6 worth of sheets, tablecloths, and bed skirts from the thrift store and voila, I had a fun and fashionable duvet cover. I used my left over ruffles and hand stitched them to my previous bed skirt. I bought $8 worth of clothes and turned them into fun pillows for my bed and then with 4 shutters that cost just $5, I made a beautiful new headboard. After strolling through the dollar store and finding a braided wooden wreath and fake birds, I took a book from the thrift store and wrapped it and made some sweet hand cut flowers for the wreath. I spray painted the bird and it completed the look!

What started as a BLAH bedroom turned into one sweet abode to be in with a lot of work and a little money.

That’s embarrassing putting up your before picture!:)

Ahh…much better:

I love this shot of the headboard. It was really so simple to make, but makes a big impact in the room.

Here was the inspiration for the duvet cover:
Urban Outfitters..$198. yikes.

and my take on it: $34. much better.

Though I did at times feel like I was sewing a REALLY big wedding dress.:)
I will be doing a little Q & A about the duvet cover..and show you where I got my inspiration for the ruffle bed skirt. If you have any questions about how I made it, what it is made out of, sewing it, etc..ask away in the comment section.
I did 3 different ruffles to give it a more full and unique look.
yummy, i LOVE ruffles:
the pillows..i LOVE this shot:

the wreath..and prints I made up…perfect for the master bedroom:

the hand cut and molded flowers:

Thank you for again voting for me. I so appreciate this fun opportunity and CAN’T wait to show you next weeks project!

A shout out to Melynda for her incredible skills in photography and Becky’s sweet teaching of crown molding cutting…I am learning a lot of new things…love that! 

If you love this post, and I hope you do, become a follower. Headboard and wreath tutorials are still coming!

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65 Responses to “Did you know it was mine?”

  1. Noelle

    Wow, that's amazing! I love what you've done, so creative! Love the headboard and the flowers made from book pages.

  2. Annie

    Ha ha! I was totally right! It had your name written all over it. Awesome Kiki!

  3. claudia b

    wow, I love the ruffles and the pillows! so gorgeous and NOT at ridiculous prices!!

  4. Heather

    Oh yeah, I knew. How could you not – it screamed your name. Way to stay true to yourself – plus now you have an awesome bedroom retreat – for cheap! Congrats, this was an amazing makeover.

  5. StephanieAnn

    I would love love love to know how you created the duvet. Did you buy the plain duvet or make it? Tutorial please!

  6. Brian, Jami, Paige, Austin and Bryn

    I was right!! Seriously, you are so very talented. I can't get over how you came up with this all on your own. That's my problem. :0) Seriously beautiful. Thanks for sharing your talents and inspiring those less creative like myself!! ;0)

  7. J & M Squared

    woooowwww Kiki you are amazing! I kept wanting to vote and didn't! But I am following!

  8. kerstin

    I guessed right! Although, it wasn't too hard, this screamed Kiki cuteness! :)

  9. Tanielle

    Such a beautiful room! Love the comfortor, incredible! And the ruffle and flower pillows, I love the turquoise! Also love your lamps… glad you kept them in the room. You wouldn't mind sharing where you got those beauties would you? taniellej@hotmail.com

  10. HK

    love love your ideas!!!! can i please get a tutorial or something on how to make that duvet cover? thanks…and can't wait to see more of your ideas!!!

  11. Kim

    Oh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this project, and voted for it! If I could have voted for your project all three times I would have, it is SO cute! I would love to see a tutorial and pictures of the sheets and tablecloths you used to make the duvet and a tute for the pillows. I am especially in love with the blue ruffly one. Congratulations, I can't wait to see next weeks project!

  12. Michelle H.

    I voted for you eventhough I had no idea it was you. I love what you did! I have been eyeing that bedspread for quite a while.

  13. rebecca

    oh my heavens, gorgeous! every detail! :)

  14. Jami

    Just amazing!!! You have such talent! I LOVED all of the photos!

  15. Jami

    PS…I'm your newest follower!

  16. Alisha @ SnugasaBugBaby

    WOW! Good job with all those ruffles! The duvet is absolutely beautiful and the pillows add such a fun pop!

  17. Janet

    You did a beautiful job on your bedroom makeover. I'm so amazed at what you were able to accomplish in such a short time! Good luck in the next round. :)

  18. ShannonSews

    The question is, what DON'T I love about our bedroom makeover?! Wow. It turned out beautifully. I love everything. The details are lovely. Every last one.

  19. Nate and Jessica

    Yeah. I know her. She rocks. AND she makes cool things. Proud of ya. :)

  20. Kristen Duke Photography

    i fell in love with this when i saw it and voted!!! I have wanted a solid color bedspread, but love the texture the ruffles add!!! what type of fabric did you use to make it so inexpensive? king sheets? also, didn't really notice the pillow before, but LOVE the US map with the heart!!!

  21. Tausha

    so, can I give you my address so you can send me the duvet cover? :)

  22. Marina

    Wow you are so talented!! Amazing!!! Featured you over at justsewsassy.com


  23. jamestownboys

    Amazing! For such little $$ I am so impressed :)
    I would LOVE some tips on making a wreath like yours here – and the paper flowers.

  24. Anestazia

    Hey! Love the bedroom redo! & especially the duvet cover. I've been keeping my eye on the one from Urban Outfitters, as well. Anthropologie also has a couple similar ones as well.

    While I can't wait for your tutorial for the duvet, I would LOVE it if you could do a tutorial for the newspaper flowers on your wreath. I'm planning a country chic baby shower and I found some great inspiration pictures of gift bags with very similar flowers. For some reason, I cannot figure out how to make them! LOL. Other bloggers have even tried to be like "You just cut out the petals and fasten them together!" UGH… lol.

    Here's the link to the picture of the gift bags if you want to check it out!

  25. Joseph & Annie Hatch

    Kiki you are sooo talented! The bedroom looks amazing, duvet, pillows, pictures, everything! Love it.

  26. Elizabeth

    Lovely! You picked great colors! Such a nice transformation! Would love for you to come and visit me at Sew Chatty and link up to Made With Love Monday! http://sewchatty.blogspot.com

  27. A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

    I love this soooo much!

  28. Dana

    Love, Love, Love your room! So many details, so many great ideas!

  29. Madigan at madiganmade

    I am blown away by your attention to detail. Love the duvet. Love all your pillows (the little heart on the one kills me), love the wreath. I love everything! {planning to link to this on my FB page this week!}

  30. nila1920

    wow! excellent job! love the yellow and blue! you can tell hard work and love went into this makeover:D

  31. Fawn Teresi

    Im a new follower. I love your duvet… seriously love it :)

  32. Emily {WhipperBerry}

    I SOOO voted for you! I am so excited that you linked up! Thanks for joining the party!

  33. La Plume Etoile

    Please please please do a tutorial on how you made the duvet! Especially how you did the ruffles!

  34. Claire

    Wow, that is awesome! Great Job. Such Creativity.

  35. rob

    WOW! amazing…..love it all….would love a tutorial on ALL of it…..love the duvet, bedskirt, big white flower pillow..(how did you do that flower?) the book page flowers…the ruffle pillow and the headboard…i have been looking for inspiration for a cheap headboard and i have found it….HELP…..
    I'm a follwer now!

  36. HappyFolk

    wow!!! I've been looking for a new color scheme or our bedroom. . . thank you for the inspiration! What a fantastic, thrifty, creative job!

  37. Estefi Clark


  38. Jennifer

    What a beautiful makeover! Thanks for sharing and inspiring all of us. Even though I am such a beginner at sewing, I feel like I can transform my masterbedroom now too! I would love to see any and all tutorials on how to get a similar look. Great job!

  39. - Lindsy Weidner -

    Absolutely gorgeous!! LOVE IT!

    I have been wanting to make a duvet just like the one from Urban Outfitters! I hope you do a tutorial on how you made it, I could sure use some insight! ;-)

  40. {northern cottage}

    YES – THAT DUVET IS fabulouishousness! uh huh – that good. I've been on the hunt to be able to make a couple for my daughter's room. Tutorial coming that a non-expert sewer might be able to swing? love love and wanna make make make! Can't WAIT!


  41. Ruthie

    Did you make the US felt pillow too? Can you post a tutorial for that. I love it!

  42. Heidi

    now that is a simply darling transformation! well done! i want a headboard like that!! did i miss the tutorial? ;)

  43. Jacquie

    I absolutely love it! Definitely going on my project list!

  44. Kim @ seven thirty three

    Kiki – you made it to the Top 10 Round in the Knock It Off contest but I do not have your email. Please send me an email at 733blog@gmail.com so I can send you the specifics! Voting begins today!

  45. holly

    Can I please get a tutorial on that amazing spread? Pretty please. The entire room is amazing and it's people like you that must have taken all the creative genes from me. :) kahgough@gmail.com

  46. Anonymous

    wow! I love it all! You are very talented…Carol Pirozek

  47. CreationsbyJune

    I love the duvet cover!!!! I am in the process of decorating my room and have been looking for something and I think this hits the mark! Please put up a tutorial!!!!!
    Oh, can I add I LOVE the price!!!!

  48. candi

    Did you make the pillows? Do you sell them if you do?? I so want some!!!

  49. uncle

    kiki,you are so talented. it is amazing. unc

  50. evie

    So, So Cute. I've been lusting after the UO one for ages, I just couldn't bring myself to cough up for the shipping to my country. I would LOVE for you to post a tutorial!!!!! Pretty please!!!!!!

  51. Steffanie

    I absolutely love, love, love what you did!! It is so gorgeous and it is the answer to all my questions of what to do with my incredibly boring bedroom. I am really interested in a tutorial on how this was done. Pretty please!

  52. Reflections of Mira

    I would love to vote for you… where do I do that?

  53. kykoo

    How is it that you made the ruffles?
    Were they self made? Or pre made?

  54. Tabitha

    How did you attach the rosettes to the pillow?

  55. Tabitha

    How did you attach the rosettes to the pillow?

  56. Karen

    Love this! Can you send me the tutorial on how you did the comforter? Im redesigning my room now! Thanks! karen.kossart@gmail.com

  57. cari

    I love the duvet cover & pillows. Do you still have the tutorial for this? I would love to see it!

  58. barb

    Could we please have a tutotrial on the duvet cover?

  59. Gianna S

    I love your style and the beautiful look of your duvet! Please email me the tutorial on how to make it! We just bought our first house and I would love to make this for our new master bedroom! Thank you so much!

  60. Glenda

    Awesome bed spread. I may just have to make me one since I can’t find what I really want for my guest room. Thanks so much for sharing.


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