4 am wakeup jar {free download}

 One of my favorite things to take to a friend who has just had a baby is a jar full of treats..and not just treats for anytime but a jar of treats for those 4 a.m. wakeups that happen so often from the start with a newborn.  It takes just a few minutes to put together, but can give mommy OR daddy a little sweet treat for being up so early!
All it takes is a jar..you can buy one at the store or recycle an old jelly or pickle jar.  Pick out some special treats..and you can make it ANYTHING..if they don’t like sweets try something else! Fill the jar:
And use the free downloadable tags I am giving you today to embellish it.  You can make it as simple as can be:
This one was simply printed on sticker paper:
Or as embellished as you would like:
On this one, I ruffled some streamers, ruffled some felt and sewed around the tag that I printed on paper. I made a strap for the jar from paper that has been punched on the sides.
Either way, you have a really fun and easy project to throw together to take to a friend who has just had a baby!
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