Anytime Notes Set {New Product}

A few weeks ago, I was rushing around my house and not getting anything done. Have you ever felt that way? I sat down, made a list, got up and checked each item off my list within an hour. It was so refreshing to get something done! As I was online later that day, I found this quote and thought I would make a set out of it…

This is an 8×10 art print to print out and add to a frame:

It seems so easy to let time just slip by without doing things that we need to get done, or things that we are prompted to act upon. This is a fun little downloadable set that can help in a variety of situations. There is a set of 6 “anytime” notes..cute and stylish notes you can keep in your purse so when you need one (or when you see a need) they are right there.

There is the “to-do” list and grocery list. These would be simple to print a bunch out, staple together with a cardstock back and add a magnet to them. Put them on the fridge and as you think of food or supplies you need, add to your list..and when you go to the store, simply rip it off and take it with you. I really am a list girl..when I make one, I am 100% more likely to get everything done!

Goals are another thing I love seeing in front of me. It helps me see short time as well as longer term goals. You could even laminate these and use a dry erase marker on them! So many fun possibilities to keep organized!

This set includes:

8×10 art print

1 page of anytime notes (6 designs)

1 page anytime long notes (grocery and to-do)

1 page anytime goal notes

This is a downloadable set. After purchasing, you will recieve the files within 24 hours via email. One of my favorite things about being a graphic designer, is pricing these so that everyone can afford them. I want everyone to have a chance to have affordable and stylish art in their home as well as products that help lift someone’s spirits and those that keep us organized. (Believe me, as a mom of 4, being organized seems daunting sometimes, but those days when I do it well..it changes my day!) This set is for personal use only, please do not distribute or share files..this is my way of helping my family out financially (and again, why I price them so low!).

Thanks for your support..YOU really have made this fun dream of mine worth working for!

Anytime Notes Set

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4 thoughts on “Anytime Notes Set {New Product}

  1. Love the lists! What a fun idea. You wouldn’t even need to staple them together. If you stack a bunch together and hold them w/binder clips and modge podge across the top a couple times, it turns any stack of paper into a notepad. Do it all the time with things! Such cute graphics!

    1. admin says:

      ooh, thanks for the tip, becky..i’m totally trying that out!:)

  2. Rachel says:

    Love the whole lot Kiki – I only just stumbled across this blog after seeing this adorable set on Pinterest and happy I did – off to see more!

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