Did you know it was mine?

Ahhh! What a fun week.  It has been SO busy, but so fun. If you are new to kiki creates..welcome! Feel free to browse around and stay awhile!

First off let me just say how WOWED I was by all of the entries. There were all so incredibly beautiful and creative and certainly took a lot of time to make..so great job girls!  Second…THANK YOU for voting for my project!  It was certainly a work of love..can’t thank you enough.:)

Wow..what a whirlwind makeover.

Take a look at the pictures..enjoy some of the details, and then if you have ANY questions or want to see a tutorial of something, let me know in the comments!

 A quick reminder of the money breakdown..I did all 4 big projects for just under $70:
 I was completely inspired by a duvet cover I saw at Urban Outfitters that rang in at $198. Not in my budget, but a $28 sheet set and $6 worth of sheets, tablecloths, and bed skirts from the thrift store and voila, I had a fun and fashionable duvet cover. I used my left over ruffles and hand stitched them to my previous bed skirt. I bought $8 worth of clothes and turned them into fun pillows for my bed and then with 4 shutters that cost just $5, I made a beautiful new headboard. After strolling through the dollar store and finding a braided wooden wreath and fake birds, I took a book from the thrift store and wrapped it and made some sweet hand cut flowers for the wreath. I spray painted the bird and it completed the look!

What started as a BLAH bedroom turned into one sweet abode to be in with a lot of work and a little money.

That’s embarrassing putting up your before picture!:)

Ahh…much better:

I love this shot of the headboard. It was really so simple to make, but makes a big impact in the room.

Here was the inspiration for the duvet cover:
Urban Outfitters..$198. yikes.

and my take on it: $34. much better.

Though I did at times feel like I was sewing a REALLY big wedding dress.:)
I will be doing a little Q & A about the duvet cover..and show you where I got my inspiration for the ruffle bed skirt. If you have any questions about how I made it, what it is made out of, sewing it, etc..ask away in the comment section.
I did 3 different ruffles to give it a more full and unique look.
yummy, i LOVE ruffles:
the pillows..i LOVE this shot:

the wreath..and prints I made up…perfect for the master bedroom:

the hand cut and molded flowers:

Thank you for again voting for me. I so appreciate this fun opportunity and CAN’T wait to show you next weeks project!

A shout out to Melynda for her incredible skills in photography and Becky’s sweet teaching of crown molding cutting…I am learning a lot of new things…love that! 

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