Fun in the Sun


It’s here! I have been so excited to get this event underway..and here it is already.  I don’t know about you, but as a mother of 4 kids, I find summertime SO fun. I love having my kids home, I love not having a schedule, I love it all. There is one thing I do not love though. Living in Las Vegas it is SO difficult to get outside because of the heat. We have had a steady stream of 105+ degrees days here for the last few weeks, so that leaves us one choice….to stay inside!  Thinking of fun and engaging activities to keep myself and 4 little kiddos is hard, so this month is all about changing that here at Kiki and Company! Each day there will be a new fun idea to keep yourself and kiddos busy, busy, busy on those HOT, HOT days.  Look for recipes, printables, projects and more this month as well as some fun roundups from around the web.

Today I want to hear from you. How do YOU keep yourself and your kiddos busy in the summer?  I have been pinning away on pinterest and have found some amazing projects to do. Want to take a look?

To see some activities to keep your kiddos busy click HERE.

To see some activities to keep yourself busy click HERE.

Watch out..there is a LOT of fun to be had there.

Thanks for stopping by. See you tomorrow for our first great idea!

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