Go Notes for KIDS! {New Product}

When I started designing Go Notes…this was the first set that came to mind…one just for kids!  With August here and school just around the corner (or in, for some people), these are the perfect little love note to send with your kids as they venture back out to school each day.  I cannot wait to hear from my son when he comes home each day with a new note from me…last year, when I would send notes it would make his WEEK!
If you are new to GO NOTES and don’t know what they are, let me explain. A Go Note is simply a little gesture of love (in the form of a small note) that you can use to tell that someone they are special to you. Of course, we all know that telling our kids we love and adore them and showing them through our actions is the best way to let them know we are there for them.  These are for those little moments when we are NOT there..to help remind them at lunchtime, as they are packing their bags, when they lay their heads down at night, etc. These are little love notes on the GO! They are business card size, so they are easy to tuck into things..and easy to keep a stash wherever you are so you have them right when you think of them!  I also ONLY sell Go Notes as a digital pdf file that is emailed directly to you so that you can print as many out as you would like! Previous sets released can be found here and here.
Much like the other sets I have designed and released here and here, each card has a prompt on it to start out that love note.
In Go Notes for Kids the prompts are:
-I love you because….
-I am so happy you…
-Don’t forget to….
-Always remember…
-I can’t wait to…
-Never forget…

In the next few days I will share some ideas on how to use these KIDS Go Notes in different ways, but today will just go over a few school related ways. Obviously, when I thought of this idea at first, putting these notes in their lunch bag was my first idea, but you can also hide them in their backpack, and look what I did with this one:

Do you ever worry that your kid will forget something important they are suppose to do? I simply laminated this card with a reminder on it, punched it with a hole punch and tied a ribbon on it..right on their backpack so they won’t forget!
Go Notes for Kids will come in 3 different color combinations:

And please know I do not discriminate against colors…all of these colors could be used for either girl or boy!:)

Go Notes for Kids can be found HERE for sale. It will be sold as a pdf file that will be emailed to you after your payment is processed.  Just as I have with the other sets I have debuted, Go Notes for Kids will be on sale for $4 each for ONE WEEK ONLY. They will then go to their normal price of $6 each.
I also just want to flood this out there (since it IS the beginning of school and all!)..so today’s contest winner will win one of each color combination of Go Notes for Kids.  Today you can earn entries by:
1-blogging about Go Notes for Kids
2-tweeting about Go Notes for Kids
3-posting on facebook about Go Notes for Kids
4-“liking” the Kiki Comin Shoppe (go HERE and it is on the sidebar on the left hand side at the bottom!)
Leave a comment for each thing you do..and this contest will run through 9pm tonight PST.  Tomorrow I will have some more ideas…and another contest to win another set!

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    These are so precious. My daughter would love seeing these in her lunch.

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