Here Comes the Sun {Project Run and Play}

Project Run and Play has been so fun to be a part of! If you haven’t yet, run over and check out the outfits for this week and then make sure to vote! If you didn’t guess already…I’d LOVE your vote!:)
There are few things that I love more than color, color, color! When I heard that this fourth week was all about picking one color and making an outfit around it, I knew exactly the color to choose!

Yellow has always been such a happy color to me..and with spring in full bloom (or as full bloom as you get here in Las Vegas), I thought it was a perfect match.

I LOVE the trendy combination of stripes and floral so I grabbed 2 different colors of yellow and made striped fabric. I wanted a simple dress for the bold fabric and love how this little A-line shape came together.
I added extra large pockets to “fun” it up a bit and to give my daughter plenty of room to carry her little toys in. I also added some fun pleating around the bottom, the neck and even used it to make some flutter sleeves.
I love how playful and fun the dress is and how it fits her personality.
One of my favorite details is the pleating detail I did going down the sides of the dress.
I wanted to think outside the box when I  put the stripes and floral together, so I whipped up some fun accessories to add to the outfit…and I think they pull everything together just right.
The brooch and hair clip were made using THIS tutorial.
The shoe clips are removable and interchangeable.
I even made a cute cuff out of the pleating and a small flower.
And that is my yellow outfit for the week…Seeing my girl in it reminded me of the song “Here Comes the Sun”, and thus the title!
If you have been collecting the paper doll outfits, Click HERE for this weeks outfit! If you are looking for the dolls, click here!
Remember, FREE downloads are for “likers” of Kiki and Company only. (You can click on the facebook icon on the right sidebar to take you right there!)
Thanks for stopping by….and don’t forget to go and vote over at Project Run and Play!


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13 thoughts on “Here Comes the Sun {Project Run and Play}

  1. Maryanne says:

    What a gorgeous dress – so bright, happy and fun. I was just in the process of making some identical pleating for next weeks project!!!!

  2. Leslie says:

    What a sweet little dress! I love the cuff. I think we need a tutorial!!

  3. Well if I weren’t still in the competition I would totally be rooting for this dress! It’s just perfect and every little detail makes me happy. The chunky stripes and flowers remind me of Mary Engelbreit in such a good way!

  4. love it! – you got my vote!!

  5. Melissa says:

    Kiki – these photos are GORGEOUS! The dress is lovely too…and I’m a huge fan of how you always have coordinating shoes.

  6. ML says:

    I came over from Project Run & Play to read more about your dress. It’s just beautiful! I voted for you! 🙂

  7. makana says:

    you got my vote girl! And I love the paper dolls too!

  8. Jessica says:

    So fun and bright! That is A LOT of pleating work. My favorite detail is definitely the sides of the dress too… I love little things like that!

  9. kristin says:

    Yay for sunshine dresses! Yellow is such a happy color. What a fun dress!

  10. Hollie says:

    Beautiful dress for a beautiful girl!

  11. Kendra says:

    Love the wrist band and shoes, It’s the little things that pull an outfit together and this is to cute. I’ll vote for you!

  12. kat says:

    Oh Kiki, your pictures are so perfectly stunning! Those balloons in the one pic is my favorite; it looks like they are going to carry her away! And I just love your blog slogan- it speaks directly to my core! Your clothes have such a great energy to them. I think that’s my favorite part of your designs. Love. love. love…

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