Look to the Lighthouse..{free download}

This last weekend was the General Young Women’s Broadcast. For those of you who are not members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, one time a year, all of the young women of the church (ages 12-18) and their mothers come together for a meeting specifically with the General Young Women’s presidency and the First Presidency to hear messages of faith and to feel inspired. 
This year I so adored the message that President Thomas S. Monson gave in which he spoke of the crazy time we live in these days and the principles of faith that can help us rise above them!  You can watch the talk here.  One of my favorite visuals was  of the lighthouse and how he compared it to the Lord. Isn’t that a sweet comparison…and how true it is! It is the Lord who can warn us, help us and lead us to safety away from the stormy seas around us. I have certainly felt that before in my life and know that this is such a relevant message today (and not just to the younger girls!)  So I made a quick print up of this fun quote to remind me and hope you can find a place to put it in your home to remind you as well!
Again, feel free to use this for personal use..give one to a friend..use it in Young Women’s, etc. It comes in one of 8 colors..so take one or take all!
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