New Year’s Goals {Free Download}

One of my favorite things ever is the feeling that a new year brings. It feels fresh and new and clean. A new start for some, a way to start over for some, a way to carry on for others. What ever that feeling is for you, I hope you feel renewed and ready to tackle the new year and the challenges and opportunites that will come. I know that some don’t like the word “resolution” and I don’t know if  I am a fan of it as well, but one thing I do love to do is to set goals. I know I’ve talked a lot about it here, but a goal really pushes me to be better. It is written down. It is recorded. And because of that I tend to work harder for it.

Some say a goal not written down is just a wish. This year, let’s stop wishing and start DOING!

Find this print HERE. 

And there is no better time than NOW!

I made some great Goal charts for everyone to start doing and they come in 16 colors:

The idea behind it is to form habits this year. It is said that a habit is formed after 21 days. So simply write your goal at the top, then each day, cut off your success! (Don’t you love the 21 ways to tell you how awesome you are doing!) There are so many goals I have for myself this year and I can’t wait to share the success and inevitable failures I will have with YOU this year. Both help me grow and become better, but just remember, it is one day at a a time!

Here are all 16 colors available:

Tomorrow I will share my favorite posts from 2012, and later this week I will share some ways to use these goal charts (in some fast and fun projects!)

You can grab these free charts HERE.

What is a habit you are hoping to form in 2013?

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  1. malia says:

    wow these are beautiful (and awesome!) thank you!

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