Owls and Owlets {tutorial}

Today we are all about owls here on the blog. Why? Well, my kiddos and I decided to have a fun little cupcake decorating party last night and we made this:

To make simply take a cupcake and frost the top. Add halved oreos for eyes. Dab a bit of frosting in the middle of the eyes and add a junior mint on each of them. Cut an orange slice in a triangle shape for the┬ábeak and finish with 2 reece’s pieces for the head feathers. Sweet and simple..and if you keep making them, pretty soon you will also have owlets:

I am also playing over at The Train to Crazy today for the Handmade Costumes Party:

…where you will see me make this:

I told you today was all about owls!:)

4 thoughts on “Owls and Owlets {tutorial}

  1. kate says:

    kiki, that owl costume is amazing!! so many great details!

  2. super cute! I have recently had an affinity for owls—I know, I’m behind the game on that one.

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