Start to be Great {New Printable} Words to Remember 1.1

Ooh, I have some fun things planned for this year. Today will be the start of one of them!

I realize today is Tuesday, but from here on out, it WILL be on Monday EACH and EVERY week here at Kiki and Company. Words to Remember will be a collaboration with the Redline Resistance Training blog’s Memorization Monday each week, but it can apply to ANY of your goals and help put words into your head that will motivate you to keep your goals this year!  It is a way to keep focused and motivated..each week there will be a printable you can print and hang wherever you need it AND a photo you can download to put as a screen saver on your phone. (Put it where YOU need it!) This would also be great for your kids. Get a dollar frame at the dollar store and change these out each week..keep them motivated too! (More on that later this week.)  These will be part of my new 99 cent designs!

Each week you can download a small design for you phone:

{Start to be Great Phone Small}

A big design for your phone:

{Start to be Great Phone Big}

and  it will come in a 5×7 printable version:

So for 99 cents you will get:

1 small and 1 large photo design for your phone in both colors


1 5×7 printable design in each of the colors!

I can’t wait to change my phone each week and keep motivated by memorizing motivating words to keep my mind on my goals.

 Yesterday we talked about New Years Goals and I told you I would share some of mine this week.  Goal #1 is getting in shape this year. I just had my last little munchkin at the end of August and have decided this year will be the year to really FEEL in shape. I’m not going to hand out specifics here on the blog, but I’ve got a few written down to have accomplished by the end of the year..and I am pretty excited to be successful!  I can’t wait to tell you all about Redline Resistance (it is just getting underway right now!) and how you can benefit from it too!

SO how about you..what goals are going to be hard for you this year? What are you looking forward to conquering?

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