Round TWO!

Round Two is up. You can go and vote HERE!I need your support..go and check them out! … [Read more...]

the duvet:a quick tutorial.. and a little Q & A.

DIY Master Bedroom Makeover by Kiki and Company

Alrighty folks..shall we get down to the nitty gritty about the duvet cover? Here it is again, next to the inspiration piece from Urban Outfitters. Let's start out with the materials used: *2- King size flat sheets. ( I got mine for $14 each from Wal-Mart. Make it as luxurious as you want by buying a high thread count sheet!) *thrifted bedskirts, sheets and tablecloth. *sewing … [Read more...]

the prints?

I was asked about the prints in my room. Yes, I designed them..and YES, they are now up for sale in my store. You can find them HERE, without the watermark.I am also starting to offer print sets.  This is the first print set I am debuting. You can buy both of these prints in a 5x7 for $13, 8x10 for $15, and 11x17 for $17.  Remember all prints can be color customized at no extra … [Read more...]

Did you know it was mine?

Ahhh! What a fun week.  It has been SO busy, but so fun. If you are new to kiki creates..welcome! Feel free to browse around and stay awhile!First off let me just say how WOWED I was by all of the entries. There were all so incredibly beautiful and creative and certainly took a lot of time to great job girls!  Second...THANK YOU for voting for my … [Read more...]

You Always Make Me Smile

I have this thing. I love to dabble in a lot of things. Love to sew. Love to make cards. Love to make decorations...the list goes on, but I also LOVE to bake...for the prettiness factor. CRAZY? Probably..but I do love being able to make my kids happy for their birthdays..and help others out for other occasions.One of my sons just had a birthday and is OBSESSED with basketball, so of course all he … [Read more...]