A Paper Flower Tutorial.

                       I am SO happy to finally have this tutorial done to show you! Let’s get right to it.

To start off, the materials you will need are: (pic.1)
book pages
hot glue sticks/glue gun
something to bend your pages with (I used a small skewer)
2. Cut your pages into 3-4 differing sizes of this shape. It is almost a heart shaped object.  You can play around with this..cut some with more roundness, cut others more heart shaped. (even make it a heart shape!) The nice thing with this flower is that you can shape it how you like it, so the beginning shape is just to get you going. For the flower I made today, I used 4 small sized, 4 medium and 4 large shaped pieces.
3. Fold in half the long part of your heart.
4.Fold it over (as is shown in picture) Glue this down.
5. This is how your piece should look from the front.
6. Curl the edges with your skewer by rolling the paper around it. (Experiment..some you may want to roll tighter than others.)
7. Celebrate! This is one petal..do one more and then we start gluing it together!
8. Once you get your petals done individually, start gluing them together by placing the ends of the petals on top of one another (for the center piece), then alternating them around adding onto the bottom until you have your flower as big as you’d like it!
9. Now you get to figure out what you would like to do for the center.   On this option, simply take 2 strips of paper about 3/8 inch wide and tie a knot in it. Clip and glue the edges to the back and then glue down in the center of the flower.
10. This is the option I used on the wreath as well as for the project today…remember you can use any color you would like. Take a piece of felt about 1/2 thick and cut little slices in it (as seen in picture above).  Roll up the felt and glue together..(you may have to trim this down depending how far out you want the center to be), then glue on middle of flower.
11. Print out the cute tags and cut them out. Grab some twine, ribbon, etc., a paper bag, a little treat for inside..then grab that cute flower and assemble:

12. You have got one SWEET bag..with one amazing flower on it!  These really are super easy to make, especially if you make a bunch at once to have on hand.
And this is how it looked on the wreath I made for THIS room:
And here’s a “sweet” gift to you.
Simply click on the image, then right click and save it. Print as you desire!
Any ideas where you will put YOUR paper flowers? I’d love to hear.
Let me know if you have any other questions!:)
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thanks, thanks, thanks, a sale, and a sneak peek!

I cannot say thank you enough to all of the sweet blogs and sites that have been featuring my projects.  Thanks to eighteen25, Smile and Wave, Knock Off Decor, UCreate, Tip Junkie, Be Different…Act Normal, and to all of you who found me through them!  Thanks a million.
In other news, do you remember this cutest bunch of flowers?
Well, the shop Uncommon on etsy is celebrating their 2nd birthday.  They wanted me to let you know that they are giving 15% off of EVERYTHING just this weekend! 
In addition to their flowers these are a few things that I am LOVING:

celebrating 2 years sale!
AND…here is what you can expect to find on kiki creates on Monday:
a quick paper flower tutorial and a sweet little tag to go along with it!
Have a happy weekend. AND don’t forget to scroll down a few posts to get the coupon code that is good in my shop through MONDAY!

a quick and fun project.

I have had quite a few BIG projects on here lately and didn’t want everyone to think that BIG is all I do!  I had a rare afternoon where both kids that are home with me were content and happy, so I pulled out some fabric scraps, an old wreath form and some hot glue and went to work. I love being able to pull something together in a short amount of time!  Here is what I created:
LOVE all the colors and how “spring”y it makes me feel to look at it!

Have you started changing your decor for springtime?
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