Headboard Tutorial

I was asked over and over again how I made my headboard in my room. It really was a fairly quick and painless activity..one my husband and I whipped up in less than a night, and which makes a HUGE impact in our room.
I am not a technical woodworker. I don’t know all the little nitty gritty things. I sketched this out for my husband..he took a few measurements and we were on our way, but what we ended up with is really a sturdy, good-looking piece.  Here we go:
What we used..
2×4..we picked up 2- 8 foot boards
2×3- two 8 foot boards
crown molding- choose whatever crown molding you like ..a 70 inch piece worked great for us.
screws- 1 3/4 “
finishing nails (or just use a finish nailer)
spray paint
shutters…we used 4 for our queen size bed
Here were our shutters before:
Instead of giving you measurements..I will tell you how we did this as I am sure all beds are different and your shutters my vary in size from mine.
1- Measurements we took:
*width of bed…ours was 58 1/2..laying all four shutters out was 59 1/8. perfect.
*height from floor to top of mattress.
2.  Cut 2×4’s to make frame:
3. Make 4 pocket hole joints diagnally from inside boards to outside boards..we predrilled, then screwed each of these in…see illustration: see THIS website for more information on how to make a pocket hole joint
4. Next we laid out the shutters just like we wanted them and then flipped the shutters and frame over..make sure you face them all the same way!
So the front looked like this:
and here is the back:
5. We used 1 3/4″ screws to screw the frame and shutters together. They are sturdy!
see illustration to where we put them in:
5.Cut your crown molding. You can cut it just like a picture frame at a 90 degree angle..I chose to make mine more upright with straight cuts. We cut one front piece and 2 side pieces so it lays flat against the wall.
6. Attach the crown molding with finishing nails. see illustration.  Putty the holes, sandpaper it down and you are ready for paint!

7.  Paint- we used a flat black spray paint (flat paint tends to hide imperfections) and found it covered really well.

If you want to attach the headboard to your bed, you just need to measure where your bed frame has the holes to attach it..drill the holes and used nuts and bolts to attach them.
and the real deal:
Have fun building your own headboard!
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