A Table Makeover

When we moved into our home over a year ago, we had friends at the same time who moved and left us this table:It has been the perfect table for outside activities...painting, eating, and experiments of all kinds...BUT it needed an overhaul in a bad way.  One day I finally got myself in gear and turned the old table into this:Much better, right?!So let me take you through the … [Read more...]

Ruffle, Ruffle, Ruffle Tutorial

Whew..this one has been a long time in the making!  After a hundred (yes, I really do mean a hundred) of emails and comments asking how exactly I made those ruffles:FINALLY, here are the specific directions on all 4 of them. {Raw Edge Single Ruffle}You will see this ruffle has a faux raw edge, as you really are going to zig zag stitch down the two sides of the ruffle. This will … [Read more...]

Doodle Dinner Mats

I'm hoping a few of you relate to this scenario. It is 5:40 p.m. The hubby is due home in the next half hour and it is time to finish up (or start!) dinner preparations.  And then it begins. 5 minutes ago your children were happy and helpful..they were busy playing and sharing.  And now? I have a 2 year old glued to my leg begging for a snack and drink...and then back a few minutes later … [Read more...]

a little more scooby doo.

After deciding we were going to do a Scooby Doo treasure hunt during the party, I decided I at least had to make one thing for the party..and a special bag did just the thing!I simply took some free Scooby Doo clip art and cut out felt pieces to match it and threw it all together on a bag I made with felt and hot glue. (I love that stuff!):)After putting 10 together, I decided I was glad I didn't … [Read more...]

My favorite ones yet! {A FREE DOWNLOAD}

A few days ago, I got an email from a sweet friend who asked me if I had seen these before:via Ballard DesignsShe wondered if I could come up with something in the same style that she could show on Studio 5.So I quickly came up with these:and fell in love with them even faster!I love the trio when they all are put together...look how fun they are in this frame:and especially with wedding season in … [Read more...]