Ruffle Cards {free download}

I have a confession to make.
I LOVE making cards.  I also LOVE recieving a homemade card…a little gift wrapped up in a little envelope.
A few years ago I was a card making machine. I was part of 3 different card clubs and sold cards on the side.  Once I moved, I didn’t find time to make cards, but this week I made it happen.  I have been dreaming in ruffles this last month. Seriously maybe too much, but I LOVE THEM!  So I thought I’d try designing a ruffle for a card..and I have to tell you…I love them as much on paper as I do on fabric (and that is saying a lot!)
To make these cards all you need is:
hot glue
a sewing machine (or you CAN use hot glue on these!)
and these ruffles:

also know you can just hot glue these on..I thought the sewing machine just gave it a little bit of a fun touch!
and then…EMBELLISH..



Each of these cards are definitely easy to copy…or just whip some up on your own!  I love doing a bunch at once, so I have them on hand when the time is right!
All you need to know is where to get those ruffles right?!
Go HERE to download any number of colors…pink, teal, blue, orange, brown, gray, yellow, plum
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