Countdown to Halloween Calendar {FREE DOWNLOAD}

Last month I debuted this series of calendars that I will be releasing each month for you to put together. There are many ways to make this into a flip calendar..and I’d love to hear how you are using them. 
Today I’m giving you this month’s calendar which is a:
This month instead of going up, we will countdown to that fun holiday my kids have been talking about for 3 months!:)
You can start counting down TOMORROW!

Slowly make it through the twenties…
Run through the teens…
And finally get through the single digits..
to get to THE most sugar filled crazy night of the year!
There are two cute little tags attached if you want to make it a gift:

Have so much fun with it!  You can download your calendar HERE.
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Timely Messages {FREE DOWNLOAD}

Many times in my life messages seem to come at just the right time.  I will hear uplifting words and feel inspired to do or be better.  One of my favorite speakers of all time is Dieter F. Uchtdorf.  He gave an amazing talk a few years ago about CREATING. You can find the highlights HERE.

Once he spoke to youth ages 12-18 (of course it applies to all of us), but he talked of finding our true identity in this message HERE.  I work with this age group of girls at church at can truly say what a timely message this is.  At a time of life when the world tips and sways what is right and what is is in knowing who we are and where we come from that will get us to our ultimate goals!
His messages of faith are uplifting and help me to feel of my Heavenly Father’s love.  Last week, he spoke again to all of the women of the world when he gave THIS talk titled “Forget Me Not”.  He spoke of the small, yet beautiful flower, the forget-me-not and how we, as women, can do much to realize our potential by “forgetting not” certain things. Read or listen to the talk HERE..and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

He had several noteable quotes in the talk, but this one really stood out to me, so I made it into a print to look at and remember..and to pass on to you!
You can decide what style you like best and download any or all of them and use them as you please. (Please just link back to this post, though!)
There is one design that is a little more modern.
And one a little more traditional.
Take a look at these and see which you like…and then go and download them HERE.  Remember, FREE downloads are for FOLLOWERS of Kiki Creates only. I know I say this every time, but I really do spend a lot of time designing and making these fun that everyone can have some free and stylish prints for their play fair and become a follower on the sidebar. (It really just takes a second!) Thank you!

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A new approach to exercising {fitness}

Hey, Everyone! It’s Josh here wishing you a happy Thursday and hoping your week is going well with some great fitness goals! 

Speaking of goals, I was reading an article on the amazing Diana Nyad, the 62 year old swimmer from LA, who failed in her third attempt to swim the 103 mile stretch from Florida to Cuba. She did not fail from a shark attack, or from exhaustion (after 40 hours of swimming she was actually getting stronger) but due to jellyfish stings that could have proven lethal if she received another. 

She said something that struck me about her focus while she swims that can be applied to goals in general. She remarked that her thoughts were not consumed with the beaches of Key West, Florida that she was planning on hitting, but instead her thoughts were focused on what she had control over at that moment and that by focusing on the “here and now” she would end up at her destination. Obviously she knew what her goal was, but knowing that she had to put “one foot in front of another”, or in her case, “one stroke in front of another”, and focus on the little victories, she would have success in her bigger goal. 

Each of us who have health or exercise related goals can learn from this perspective. Often as I train athletes, I hear frustration about some of these longer term goals that they have, whether it be hitting a time in a 10k, completing a marathon or even obtaining a desired goal weight. Little goals along the way help to obtain the bigger ones and are important to have in place as markers. I thought about what direction to take this post in and thought that I could talk about the virtue of patience or consistency or discipline, all of which are important, but instead I chose to concentrate on “Spicing up your Exercise Journey”. 

As you travel towards your exercise or health related goals know that it does not have to be the result of strictly traditional approaches to exercise. These are probably the most convenient and therefore the means in which you plan on utilizing the majority of the time, but as you accomplish little goals along the way (2 days in a row without soda, running 5 miles without stopping, losing 3 pounds, etc.) reward yourself with a new form of exercise that will help break up the monotony of your main form of exercise and yet still let you walk away from it knowing that you chose to spend part of your day exercising. 

As I searched for some of these different ideas I liked some of the more practical approaches that were suggested such as: actively playing with your children, breaking up your exercise routine into 10 minute segments, getting up and moving every hour at work, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, using the hand baskets at the grocery store and doing arm curls while you shop or parking in the farthest parking spot so you have to walk farther. These are great, but I knew there were some more creative forms of exercise that were available and I hit the jackpot when I found several lists of creative workouts on Google. I omitted some that I didn’t quite get like Equestrian Yoga and Hot Tub Treadmilling, others that seemed a bit crazy like Mountain Unicycling (isn’t regular unicycling hard enough?) and finally any activities that involved not having any clothes on, which there were several of! Below you will find 104 different potential ideas that will get your heart rate going, burn some calories, put a smile on your face and get you one day closer to accomplishing that big goal.

1. Juggling
2. Stunt pogo sticking

3. Tree climbing
4. Mountainboarding
5. Unicycling
6. Practicing Jedi Skills (the Jedi Workout)
7. Walking on water
8. Picking up litter around the neighborhood, town, park or beach
9. Playing video games (Wii, Dance Dance Revolution, etc.)
10. Fruit picking (not too slowly!)
11. Volunteering (Try fitness oriented charities)
12. Fire juggling
13. Drumming
14. Bouncing with Spring-Soled Shoes
15. Paint Ball
16. Ropeless jump roping
17. Sit and Be Fit
18. Kite Surfing
19. Virtual horseback riding (or iGalloping)
20. Stationary Bike Racing
21. Pogo sticking
22. Parkour
23. Tricking
24. Punching and kicking your way through your favorite action flick
25. Dancing your way through your favorite musical
26. Hula Hooping

27. Playing tag
28. Joggling (juggling while jogging)
29. Roller Hockey
30. Roller Derby
31. Leaf pile diving (includes raking!)
32. Gladiator Workout
33. Finding online workout videos
34. Wearing weight loss shoes (or sandels)
35. Playing capture the flag
36. Water balloon fights
37. Snowshoeing
38. Bicycling on Water
39. Squirt Gun Fights
40. Pillow Fights
41. Underwater Rugby
42. Underwater Soccer
43. Synchronized swimming
44. Hop scotching
45. Riverboarding
46. Marco polo
47. Slip and slide
48. Playing touch football
49. Snow kiting
50. Giving the dog a bath

51. Miniature Golfing
52. Baton Twirling
53. Sledding
54. Hacky Sacking
55. Making snowmen (BIG ones!)
56. Building snow forts
57. Walking in place while watching tv
58. Boot Camp Workout
59. Swimming with Porpoise Flipper
60. Learn Self Defense
61. Geocaching
62. Orienteering
63. Window Washing
64. Cleaning the garage
65. Clean the attic
66. Landscape the yard
67. Doing laundry
68. Trampolining
69. Inflatable jumping castles
70. Swinging
71. Playing Twister

72. Cheerleading
73. Canyoning
74. Bouldering
75. Snowkiting
76. Skysurfing
77. Belly dancing
78. Circus Skills (Look for circus schools)
79. Gardening
80. Riding a Scooter
81. Clubbing
82. Walkling (juggling while walking)
83. Wave Jumping
84. Street luge
85. Arm wrestling
86. Stability balls
87. Rock Climbing
88. Sandboarding
89. Sea Kayaking
90. Ice climbing
91. Exotic Dancing (link 2)
92. Laughing (laughter yoga)
93. Karaoke (with a lot of dramatic dance moves!)
94. Dodgeball

95. Frisbee Golf
96. Ultimate Frisbee
97. Long boarding
98. Car washing for charity
99. Beach combing
100. Sand dune climbing
101. Samurai Sword Classes
102. Extreme clowning
103. Sumo
104. Laser Tag
Do you guys have any fun or interesting approaches to exercise? Let me know!!
Happy Exercising,
Josh and Kristin

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