Countdown to Halloween Calendar {FREE DOWNLOAD}

Last month I debuted this series of calendars that I will be releasing each month for you to put together. There are many ways to make this into a flip calendar..and I'd love to hear how you are using them.  Today I'm giving you this month's calendar which is a:This month instead of going up, we will countdown to that fun holiday my kids have been talking about for 3 months!:)You can start … [Read more...]

Timely Messages {FREE DOWNLOAD}

Many times in my life messages seem to come at just the right time.  I will hear uplifting words and feel inspired to do or be better.  One of my favorite speakers of all time is Dieter F. Uchtdorf.  He gave an amazing talk a few years ago about CREATING. You can find the highlights HERE.Once he spoke to youth ages 12-18 (of course it applies to all of us), but he talked … [Read more...]

A new approach to exercising {fitness}

Hey, Everyone! It’s Josh here wishing you a happy Thursday and hoping your week is going well with some great fitness goals!  Speaking of goals, I was reading an article on the amazing Diana Nyad, the 62 year old swimmer from LA, who failed in her third attempt to swim the 103 mile stretch from Florida to Cuba. She did not fail from a shark attack, or from exhaustion (after 40 hours … [Read more...]

Halloween Costume Makeup {tutorial}

i like to think that makeup is the most crucial step in a halloween costume.  i also think i am highly biased. the next few weeks i will be putting together some halloween makeup tutorials that you CAN do yourself. they are simple, easy, and will give your costume that extra oompf.the first tutorial is Pirate Halloween makeup. so simple and you will look like a pro once your costume is … [Read more...]

Achieving Catchlights {Photography}

I decided that my post today needed to touch on one of the most basic yet vital parts of photography. Most of you do not aspire to be professional photographers, but I promise that everyone that owns a camera will benefit from this post! Especially when photographing people.Have you ever heard of a catchlight? Catchlights are highlights in the subjects eyes that add depth, dimension and life to … [Read more...]