Thanksgiving Treat Critter Buckets {tutorial}

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Do you remember my Halloween Treat Bucket Critters from HERE?  Well, using the same concept, here is the Thanksgiving crew!
They are ready to decorate your Thankful tree, to take to your kids class for their Thanksgiving parties, or to decorate the children’s table at your Thanksgiving feast!
This time around we have an indian, a turkey, and a pilgrim:
As with before, here is a simple tutorial on how to start out your treat buckets:
To start each basket you will need:
toilet paper roll
colored paper
hot glue
shape cutter (anything to cover the bottom of the bucket)
craft glue
Here are the first 6 steps to get you started:
Now let’s learn the specifics for each one:
To finish off your turkey (once you have initially made your bucket with brown cardstock), punch two holes and place 2 white brads in them.  I finished my eyes off with a thin Sharpie marker.  Cut a beak out of orange cardstock and glue it on.  The snood is made with red felt with a dot of hot glue to secure it to the beak and a dot of hot glue to secure it to the basket.  The fan of feathers is just made from several colors of cardstock cut out in little feather shapes and hot glued on. I then just gave them a little shape by bending them backwards just a bit. 
After creating the bucket with a cream colored cardstock, punch two holes and add 2 black brads for the eyes. Cut a long rectangle out of black cardstock for the bottom of the hat and a square for the top. Hot glue them on..(I glued the long rectangle to the front of the bucket and the square to the back to give it a little dimension.  Finish off by cutting a square of golden cardstock, for the buckle on the hat and a small square of black to go in the middle of it. I added a bit more golden on the top of that, but you can decide to do that or not!
To finish off the indian, punch two holes for the eyes and add black brads.  Take a long strip of thin black cardstock and cut a little rounded triangle piece out of the middle to act as the part in the hair. Glue it on the top of your bucket.  Next take 3 tiny strips of black paper and glue them together.  Braid the strips by folding over the each side of the threesome onto one another, just as you would braid hair. I found it easiest to actually fold the black paper over!  Finish the braid off with glue and glue them to the sides of the face. You will need 2 braids.  Add a small strip of cardstock over the hair and braids to act as a headband and add some cute little feathers out the back of the headband!
Here are some detailed pictures of the feathers and braids:
Now go and get your supplies together and craft away with your kiddos! And remember to make them your own however you would like..these are just one way to make them.  I’d love to see your finished projects when you are done making them..and then when you are done with the Thanksgiving version..make sure to save your toilet paper rolls for Christmas. (I can’t wait to show you what I am doing with those!)
Happy Creating. Thanks for stopping by!
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7 Responses to “Thanksgiving Treat Critter Buckets {tutorial}”

  1. Christina at I Gotta Create!

    These are so, so, sweet! Any child (or adult) would be thankful to receive them!

  2. WhyCuzICan

    I agree– I'm a grown up and I would appreciate this at a Thanksgiving gathering :)

    Thanks for sharing today :D
    Visiting from TT&J linky party,
    Smiles, Suzanne in NW Illinois

  3. rebecca

    love these little cuties!! :)


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