April 2024 General Conference Printable Pack


April 2024 General Conference is here. Find all your favorite quotes, scriptures, songs and more in this printable pack that will help you remember this conference.



April 2024 General Conference is here! This printable pack will contains 29 8×10 prints and the same prints in handout format (4 to a page) AND the same prints in a phone wallpaper format with all of your favorite quotes, thoughts and songs from General Conference. Want to see your favorites in the pack. Click to my Instagram and comment on the Conference posts.

This April General Conference digital pack will come with 29 designed prints that were YOUR favorites from April 2024 General Conference. Each set comes with 8×10 prints as well as 4 to a page handouts for each one to aid in passing out to ministering families, to classes you are teaching or to give to anyone who might need a pick me up! You can print for personal use as many times as you would like! In addition, each pack will come with wallpapers for your phone so you can save and look at the messages you are studying.

This pack comes with 29 8×10 prints plus the same prints in handout form. You will also get the wallpaper sized photos of these quotes that you can save to your phone and use to remember the messages you have studied. Have a missionary or a friend who could use a boost? Send one to them!

With so many prints in this pack, this comes out to being just a little less than $1 a print, plus you get each print in a handout size too!  Thank you for your business. To give ideas and get your favorite quotes, scriptures and music put into print, see my Instagram page @kikicomin.


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