Win $50 to Kiki and Company’s Digital Shop!

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I thought it would be so fun to try an experiment out. I want to see how many times we can get an image pinned or shared in a short amount of time! I am always SO excited when I am on Pinterest or Facebook and see someone has pinned one of my projects or shared one of my posts. Seriously, it makes me smile!:)

But as an incentive (and to make YOU smile) I thought it would be fun to give a gift certificate to 2 people. $50 each to my new digital shop. That will get you a WHOLE lot of prints..or you can give the gift certificate away for Christmas. You choose!:)

All you have to do is pin one of these pictures, leave a comment that you did and you are entered to win. Even better, share one of the posts on my Facebook page with one of these pictures and you get an extra entry!That’s it.

IF you want to know where you can get this really fun print, CLICK HERE!

Don’t forget to leave a comment for each thing you do! I will announce the winner next Friday.

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104 Responses to “Win $50 to Kiki and Company’s Digital Shop!”

  1. Laurie

    Pinned your first picture – gorgeous!

  2. Rachel Arnold

    I have always admired your creativity!!! I have ordered several prints from you before and would absolutely love to buy more especially the one I pinned on my Christmas Pinterest board :). I hope I win! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  3. chelon :)

    i pinned it! btw, i bought it yesterday….it is soooo beautiful!

  4. sady tingey

    Pinned and Facebook’s shares in hope you will get promoted… I think it was the first pic but love it all….

  5. Jessica W

    Love this! I’ve pinned the picture and now I’m pining for the print!

  6. Brendi

    I pinned it and I shared your link. I will have this one in my house too. I just need to pick it up from the print shop. Thanks for making such cute stuff!!

  7. Kim

    I pinned it! I really love this print!!!!!

  8. Jen Malone

    I pinned the first picture and bought it today! Can’t wait to get it printed! I also shared it on facebook as well. ;-) Thank you!

  9. Kristi

    I pinned it! And I would love to have the print for my home, but would settle for the $50 credit! :o)

  10. Rebekah S.

    Pinned!! Love your work.

  11. Amy

    I absolutely love that print! I pinned it!

  12. Rebecca

    I just found your website and have fallen in love with your prints!! I will be ordering this beautiful Christmas one today! Love it!

  13. Suzanne Quick

    I pinned it and I LOVE it! Such a cool design.

  14. Natalie H.

    I pinned. I just love this print!

  15. Jennifer jensen

    I pinned this the other day… I think I actually repinned from you. I printed mine at staples today and did the 3×4. It is bigger than I imagined in my head but still loving it!

  16. Tiffany Talbert

    I pinned this earlier today before I saw this! Love this print!!!

  17. Andrea

    I pinned the first picture. Such a beautiful print!

  18. Raechel

    Absolutely LOVE this print! Crossing my fingers!

  19. Stephanie T

    I love this print, too. Pinned!

  20. Amy H

    Pinned it! I can’t help but sing these words instead of read them. So great!

  21. Veronica Powell

    Pinned it :)

  22. Johna

    I pinned it and will go to FB and share. I love the large scripture! will buy that one for sure, but I need to browse first. :)

  23. Christina

    Gorgeous! I pinned it!

  24. Deb

    Pinned! Very nice work.

  25. Deb

    It’s on Facebook too!

  26. Julie Jones

    I shared your giveaway on my Facebook page! Love the Print. I think it’s my favorite Christmas print I’ve seen!

  27. joni

    Pinned the first picture. Wish it was taken at my house. :)

  28. Julie Fiorito

    I pinned your beautiful “For Unto Us” printable…..I am Julesabd and it is on my Holiday Decorations board. Your work is absolutely beautiful!

  29. Julie Fiorito

    I also shared on Facebook…..Julie Kiefer Fiorito. Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!

  30. Stephanie M

    I pinned it! And I’m buying this print today! It’s PERFECT for over my manger scene!!

  31. Angela

    Shared on facebook!!

  32. Julie Cooney

    Pinned it! Love this print!

  33. Melody

    I pinned it, adding it to my giant Kiki collection. :) I LOVE your stuff!

  34. jenny

    I pinned it! and I have to say I love the whole thing – the size and fonts and words! What a beauty.

  35. Alicia

    Pinned it and love it!

  36. Kim

    I pinned the verse. LOVE THIS

  37. Stacey

    I pinned it, love it!

  38. jen liguori

    Adore this print! I pinned it :) . Moved into a larger house this year & have room for more cute Christmas cuteness!

  39. Megan woods

    Pinned! So very cute!

  40. Daphne

    Shared on Facebook! Your prints are gorgeous! Where did you get this foam board? I honestly didn’t know there was anything different than what’s at Hobby Lobby.

  41. Samantha

    Pinned it AND Shared it – so beautiful!! Thanks!

  42. Danette

    Pinned on Pinterest! These are really lovely!

  43. Jennifer

    Love the creativity and the sentiment! I gladly pinned & shared it!


  44. hausfrauChelsea

    Pinned! Beautiful print!

  45. Stefanie

    Gorgeous! Pinned it before I knew about the gift certificates. Found out about the giveaways when I came to find out where in the world I can get this print. Seriously amazing!

  46. Stephanie

    I pinned this! You are amazing!

  47. Rebekah

    I clicked over from Pinterest to see where the amazing print could be found. Now I pinned the picture myself! Love it!

  48. Anna

    I pinned this awesome print from my all-time favorite designer! ;)

  49. Sonya

    Pinned it! Love this!

  50. vicky amdal

    Love this and pinned it!!!

  51. Nicol

    I pinned it! It is so pretty!

  52. Jeanine

    I pinned this!

  53. Christy H

    I pinned this under my Holiday board. Great word art!

  54. Cassie Ames

    Love your stuff! I pinned!

  55. Deborah M.

    I just love the Christmas print. Pinned it. I can’t wait to see if I won, I need this on my wall now :). If I win I am sure you have much more I could use it for. LOVE THIS

  56. Darla

    I pinned this! It is my favorite Christmas print ever!!

  57. Erin

    I pinned it!!!

  58. Alison L

    I pinned it. I love it!

  59. Marci Butterfield

    I pinned it!! What an amazing print!

  60. DeAnn

    Just discovered you via Pinterest and delighted to add your pin! I chose the color version. Such a beautiful piece – thank you, and Merry Christmas!

  61. kim jones

    Pinned this picture! LOVE IT! Just bought one to give as a gift!

  62. Jessica Nye

    You better believe I pinned it.

  63. Brenda

    Love this print.. I pinned it from pinterest. I couldn’t figure out how to do it from here.

  64. Becca

    pinned it and shared on FB. I love this print so much! Wish I had a spot for one this big!

  65. ashley

    Pinned it! Love it!

  66. ashley

    shared it on FB too. You’re amazing!

  67. Michelle Buster

    Love this verse – it is very precious to me. Immediately bought this and excited to hang it up in my home. Will probably leave up year round. Thanks so much!

  68. Hilary

    I pinned it! I love it:)! Great work!

  69. Kerry Mohondro

    Love it! Pinned it! Bought it! Printed it!

  70. SaraSusyBob

    Repinned this (as I’d already saved it when you first brought it out on display). It IS so fun to see things show up on Pinterest that you didn’t put there first. :) Good luck! It’s really a magnificent piece! You should be proud.

  71. Jeannie's Little Sister

    Thanks for the extension for us new followers on fb! Pinned it.

  72. Jennifer Perry

    Love this! I pinned it!

  73. Rachel

    I pinned! (and if I don’t win, I’m totally gonna buy. Actually, even if I won, I would still have to buy, because there are way more than $50 worth of prints in your shop that I just can’t resist.

  74. Katie

    Pinned it and Love it!

  75. Christa

    Love, love, love this print! I pinned it!

  76. Mary Kathryn Meredith

    I pinned it and I love it!! Planning on buying!!

  77. Danielle Moody


  78. Melissa

    Pinned!! So beautiful!!

  79. Rachel J

    I love these (and your shop!!)- pinned this to my holiday board!

  80. debbie

    I love this, pinned it and facebooked it. This will truly lift my spirits.

  81. Elizabeth

    Pinned it! Thanks for the chance to win.


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